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[Help] Need some advice!

klover7klover7 sydneyPosts: 1Member

Hi all,


I'm a very casual player, I joined WoW since Cata for a short period (6 months I believe).


 Back then my main activities was doing Arena for Cata gear (casual), sime normal BGs, dungeons for achievement and mounts, leveling profession, some world pvps and levelling my alts as well as collecting xmog pieces


I only do LFR for fun and never ever tried any raids tbh, since I dont care about them at all, so here my concerns:


-Should I get back to MoP (I've left the the for 1 year)

-For a pvp player, which has most of the interest in killing people and do pvps, should I buy MoP (I had a blast with Cata)

-Is it still suitable for a casual player like me, who can only spends around 2 hours playing per day?

-Will I get left behind so far and it's very hard to catch up? (It's ok for me in Cata, took me about 1 month to understand most of the WoW pvp concepts).


I've tried Vindictus, Dragon Nest, DCO, GW2, Neverwinter, Tera, Aion, Age of Wushu, TSW, Lotro... but none of them can give me the feeling like WoW did... I'm just afraid the MoP's contents dont suit a casual player like me.


Please help!


and sorry for my horrible English :)

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