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Day in the Life of Ghost Hand Wanderer (long post)

andreibaruandreibaru San Antonio, TXPosts: 43Member

I woke to my alarm clock at 4:43 am. Why you may ask. Well.. my 5th rank of my ultimate was cultivating while i slept, but i didnt want to waste any cultivation time after it completed. I quickly updated my skillbook and restarted cultivating my internal skill in preparation for tonights guild war with the #1 Vietnamese guild on the server. I then think of going back to sleep with my guild patrol toggled on.. but i realize i still have 180 vigor that i should use today. I make my way to the stable at our guild base and teleport to Yan-yu villa. Im going to need a lot of buff pots tonight , so i begin to plant 3 rows of chinese yams. half way through the process a few of my yams developed weeds so i used some herbicide and managed to save 3 of my 5 infected crops. My first harvest yeilded a good amount, but i figured i might as well plant another. As i was about to plant another row, a wandering PC weiqi player came up to me and challenged me to a game of Weiqi ( known as GO  in the west ). I figured i could use the recollection points for my special Array skill in todays Green Cloud Castle instance run, so i accepted the challenge. It turns out this Weiqi player was no novice. He proceeded to stomp me in the first three matches. I finally wisened up my play and won the fourth match, but already 2 hours had passed and the time for planting was nearing its end.

     I glanced at the watch and siad to my self " oh SH*t".. school script stealing is starting in just 7 minutes. I quickly activated my teleport and ported back to my school in Wanderers Valley. I arrived at the Library 30 seconds late and the majority of the raiders had already gone. I had lost my advantage. I ported to the enemy school of Wudang, which to my dismay doesnt not allow me to use my trustworthy stallion "Fanyu". He has gotten me out of many a tight spot with a script on my back from the Beggars sect school and even from the notorious Royal Guards school.  Nevertheless, i activated my Perish Blade speed buff, ate a steamed stuffed bun for some extra internal force and proceeded my way up the mountain of Wudang. My first check was the Wudang library itself. this turned out to be a HORRIBLE idea. The entrance to the library was stacked with over 30 flying Wudang .. all ready to aoe and CC anyone who tried to enter the library. The floor of the library was already so littered with corpses, it felt like a Scholars raid. I decided to trun around an try my luck finding a wandering script carrier. After the first 6 that i tried were emtpy, I began to despair. Maybe i was too late after all. With only 12 minutes left in the event, chances were that i was leaving there empty handed. In a remote corner of the Wudang Base, my lcuk changed and i happened upon a laden Script bearer. I quickly looted his script and proceeded to Step on high ladder and get over the wall. Unfortunately for me, on the othe side of the wall were two Martiall Intuition Wudang members killing a Tangaman that was trying to get away. I hoped they wouldnt see me and tried to jump across the clouds in the oppposite direction. I made my way away from the base and for the first time let myself breath a bit. I had only about a 3 minute run to the zone edge where i would be safe. Suddenly, out of nowhere the two Wudang were upon me. they must have killed the tangman and mounted up to come find me. Even tho my Wanderer was of the Flows with Chi strength, the combination of two wudangs kiting me and healing was too much for my Wind Catching Blade style. After felling the first Wudang, i quickly died to his friend. He then looted my script and truned around to return to his school. I figured that was the end of my journey. I made my way to the stagecoach and figured on hopping a ride to Chengdu to check the markets for some new Twin Blades. As i was about to board the stagecoach, a fellow wanderer carrying a script approached. Hhe was of Realized Potential strength. I thought to myself. How did he manage to get out safely. I pondered for a second about the ethics involved in attacking my own school, and quickly determined that if he couldnt get past me.. then he didnt really DESERVE that script. It would be much more use to the school if a strong character had it. I engaged the Wanderer with a quick Lightning attack to knock hhim off of his mount. The young martial artist attempted to run , but the power of my Goose step was too much for him. I quickly overpowered him and with a final Dragon Carries the Wind, i felled him and looted his script. I quuickly hopped the stage coach and then telported back to my school with just 2 minutes left to trun in the script. My reward was handsome. I had attained a Breeze Sword skill, Purification of Mind Stream 1. That trip to Chengdu would now yield 2 Dingh in my selling stall.

From my school, i decided that the sooner i placed the script into my stall in Chngdu, the sooner my pockets would be filled with money, so i Telported to Chengdu and promptly put the script up for sale. This was not my only reason for travellling to Chengdu. In 30 mins, the Black Lion Escort agency would be sending out their Daily  Escort caravans. The past few days had seen too many of my guilds Gold carts looted by enemy guild's raiders, so today, my guild was showing up in force to escort our carts. When i arrived at the Escort agency in Chengdu, i was pleased to see 4 full groups of my fellow Jianghu members gathered there awaiting the start of the event. We all chose the escort to Emei Mountain and were soon underway. 3 of the carts encountered hidden sentries along the way and were raided, however with the strength of 4 full gruops protecting theh carts, the poorly organized raiders were no match. After completing the first round of escorts, we all teleported back to Chengdu in order to get round two. this time however our road was much more difficult. One of the parties was unable to escort to Emei and was forced to choose the route to tangmen instead. Soon after, we received news that their cart had been attacked by the local guild of Vietnamese veteran players. We knew our carts would be next, so we prepared for the assualt. 2 full groups of raiders attacked and the fighting was much more fierce. A few Spiritually Balanced scholars were able to get close enough to destroy 2 of our carts before we were able to finish them off. Our second escort run unfortunately yielded only one delivered cart. 

At this point in the day, it was getting close to server reset time. This could only mean one thing. TEAM PRACTICE TIME!!! I recalled back to my guild base and jumped into the 10 man guided martial arts practice at our Mountain Sacred Feng Shui spot. Team practice is great for cultivating your martial arts skill, but today was no ordinary day. I was on thhe verge of a breakthrough, and this team practice would be enough to bump my inner skill up to lvl 35. At the end of our 25 round practice, i still needed a little bit of practice, so our gruop did another 10 round just for me , since most of them had acheived thheir 100% fatigue limit for the day already. With those 10 rounds, i had now acheived the status of Spiritually balanced. This for sure would be of great benefit tongiht during our impending guild raid. 

The day was now new, and i was free to do with it, whatever i chose. My guild would be raided that night by the Vietnamese guild , but i had the next 19 or so hours to prepare. Would i travel to Yanyu and patrol the streets for Kidnappers? Would i travel to Suzhou and seek out thhe services of a Divinator. They are known to frequent the docks outside suzhou. Maybe i could get one to tell my fortune and locate the whereabouts of a wanted criminal. I know that a few of the strong players in our rival guild  have bounties, so maybe i would hunt them down and earn some money with my constable status. Or maybe my self and a few guildies would travel to Louyang and challenge the bosses in Green Cloud Castle. Rumor has it, many powerful copper recipes can be learned there, sure to bolster my guilds strength if these weapons and armor were to be crafted for our guild. Or maybe i would play a more sinister role today and join a band of assassins, taking up the call of the NPCs in Twilight Village and preventing other players from finishing the Boss encounter by disguising my self as an NPC and killing them in the instance. Or maybe today would be a more relaxed day, tending my crops, cultivating my silkworms and gathering what wood and ore i could find in the forests surrounding my school. Whatever the day ahead  of me would bring, i knew there was one thing today that i absolutely would not do.. that was SLEEP.



  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,956Member Rare

    Just another day in Age of Wushu!


    Awesome post bro. Of course Wander's Valley would be better serverd by you taking that script! The guy probably would have sold it, for next to nothing, to a Tang like me! lol.


    So much good stuff in this post, I urge you to format it with more paragraphs, seems like you were on an andriod or somthing.


    At the same time, this is the way things run together in AoW.  If you are looking, I urge you to read this post, take breaks to rest your eyes if need be, it's worth it.



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