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[Dev Journal] Pirate101: Set Sail for Two New World Expansions

BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing EditorBerea, OHPosts: 3,662MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

KingsIsle has teamed up with to bring our readers the first news about Pirate101's coming world expansions. If that's not exciting enough, KingsIsle is expanding the game with not one, but two big new worlds. Check out our exclusive first look at the lore behind the worlds and some exclusive concept art.

Adventures await you in the highly anticipated Books 13 and 14 of Pirate101!  With the introduction of both the war-torn skyway of Marleybone and the legendary beauty and danger found throughout Aquila, high-level Pirates can now continue their journey against the evil Armada! 

This is the largest expansion to date for this family online game by KingsIsle Entertainment where young Pirates rebel against the evil Armada who are bent on destroying the Spiral. These worlds and much more are coming to the Members Only Test Realm, and will be available to the Live Game soon.

Read more Pirate101: Set Sail for Two New World Expansions.


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  • Johnnyboy224Johnnyboy224 Warwick, RIPosts: 8Member
    Woot! Amazing job Kingsisle! Cannot wait to play both of these worlds!!! Thanks MMORPG for sharing!
  • GoldenRheaGoldenRhea Christiansburg, VAPosts: 3Member Common

    Yay I been waiting so long cause I have three Pirate's level 50 all ready  !! I can hardly wait !!

  • LJonteLJonte Portland Metro, ORPosts: 29Member
    I'm actually pretty excited about this myself.  :)

    -Lisa Jont

  • NitthNitth AustraliaPosts: 3,903Member Uncommon
    Cant beleive this won game of the gear lol, That was gold :)

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  • wete14wete14 San Fransico, CAPosts: 3Member

    imma start playing again lol


  • casey959casey959 Cheyenne, WYPosts: 3Member
    I am trying out the tigre companion. I really like this one, so far out the other new ones.
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