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Revamp lower level content?

hockeyplayrhockeyplayr Middlesex, NJPosts: 604Member Uncommon
I saw the is onsale for $9.99 on green man games.  I've been playing neverwinter which is free so I have room for a sub game.  I haven't played since the first month after launch.  Did they revamp the lower leveling process? The quest grind was just so boring, are there alternate ways to level now so that I can get to the end game content in the expansion (which looked good) without being bored to tears?


  • XiaokiXiaoki White Pigeon, MIPosts: 2,763Member Uncommon

    The questing content has not been changed at all.

    But they did add Instant Adventures for low levels. In case you dont know what Instant Adventures are: you get teleported to some place, you do a short quest like kill 10 of these guys, then a new objective pops up, you run to it and do it, do a couple normal quests like this then fight an Elite boss, get loot then teleport to new area.

    Instant Adventures are great for leveling and are quite fun when you have a large group but suck when you are solo.

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