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FFXI and HDMI (?) problems?

DeathofsageDeathofsage Winston, PAPosts: 1,102Member Uncommon

Ok. I've got a 46" flatscreen display for my monitor/tv (coax atm). TV works fine, never have a problem out of TV. I play Final Fantasy XI on it.

Every now and then (once a week, if that), the display will blink out in the manner of a video driver crash and come back a second or two later. It's not a driver crash, because I don't get the notification afterwards and FFXI doesn't crash, which FFXI has always crashed when the video card crashed (for me).

Past few days I'm seeing very very thin black lines appear for split seconds.

Today, playing a bit before maintenance, it started just happening, several times per minute. It doesn't matter which HDMI port on the TV that I plug into, and I'm pretty sure my Nvida 560 Ti only has one HDMI port. I can't get down there at the moment to check (recent surgery).

What's the likelihood that the cord is at fault here and (please please please) not my video card or new tv?

If you're not familiar with XI, it's a 10 year old game. It's not stressing a any fairly recent gaming card. Youtube videos are about as much strain.

I restarted my pc, all seemed okay, started XI again, played for maybe 10 minutes, and it started again. Closed XI, and it hasn't started again in the last 10-20 mins.

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  • volttvoltt Toronto, OntarioPosts: 321Member Uncommon
    highly doubt its the game, most likely the video card or your hdmi cord( yes you be supiresed but these things can go fairly easily especially of the dollar store variety) I would use another hdmi cord and see if that fixes the problem if not most likly ur card i would assume
  • jdnewelljdnewell Spring Hill, TNPosts: 2,151Member Uncommon

    Have you tried other games to see if they do the same thing?

    Tried replacing the HDMI cable?

    Monitored the temp. of you graphics card while the problems are occuring?

    I would doubt its your TV, or else it would be doing it all the time I would think. It could be a bad or just cheap HDMI cable. It may be your gpu getting too hot. Try a few other demanding games and see if it happens with them. If it does then the game is not the problem. I would change the HDMI cable, if problem persists then it may be your gpu over heating.

    Make sure your PC is in a well ventilated area. Have you put it in a cabinet or other enclosed area?

  • DeathofsageDeathofsage Winston, PAPosts: 1,102Member Uncommon

    I swapped it for an HDMI off my ps3 (well, didn't put the crappy one on the PS3), and ran a furmark for about 15 (50k frames) minutes with no problems.

    I at least know it's not my card and cord should be good. FFXI is still down for maintenance so I can't say much of it, but if anything, it's a game or driver issue. This game has aged rather poorly.

    Thanks, I'll update if there's further problems.

    Spec'ing properly is a gateway drug.
    12 Million People have been meter spammed in heroics.

  • RidelynnRidelynn Fresno, CAPosts: 5,549Member Rare

    I would put my money on bad cord too - I have one that does something similar, only it's audio that cuts out. I spent weeks thinking it was a networking glitch from my NAS to my computer trying to optimize my LAN for throughput, only to find out it was the HDMI cable. That particular cable will work just fine for weeks - and then for some reason decide it wants to act up, and will just drop/cut audio out until it's unplugged and plugged back in.

    I should just throw it away, but haven't taken the time to pull out the entire home theatre to replace it and re-route a new cable.

    The morale of that story - don't think a 30-minute test necessarily means your cable is any good; although I would say it does mean your video card and monitor are both likely just fine.

    I used to play FFXI on HDMI all the time; although I haven't played in over a year. It would be extraordinarily strange (albeit not entirely impossible, that game is quirky) for it to a be a problem with just FFXI.

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