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Don't count on good customer service

ShadanwolfShadanwolf Posts: 2,180Member Uncommon

I've had a bugged epic quest  I've been trying to get help with for almost a week.

first I wrote to Eletronic instructed on the Dark Age web site....left message....30 minutes later a customer rep called only to say they don't handle game bugs....they told me i had to write....NOT call....customer service at dark age of camelot...I wrote them.

then...i went into the game and on 3 seperate days I tried to get a luck

then I got a written email telling me how to work around my bug......and it didnt work

then I wrote them again saying their suggestion didn't work

then I went into the game and 2x tried to get the attention of a CSR...and got no help from my emergency appeal


so....the lesson....want to pay $15.00/month and get no customer service on a game that hasen't had and expansion..or 10 year bugs fixed.....with no customer service .......DAOC is your game.


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