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City of Heroes would-be 9th anniversary

therain93therain93 Winthrop, MAPosts: 2,039Member Uncommon

So, this week would have been the 9th anniversary of City of Heroes.  To commemorate it, there is a call to action on twitter here:,


Essentially, it is a twitter campaign over the next 10 days, each with its own theme:


Friday April 26: 9 Ways City of Heroes was an innovator in the industry
Saturday April 27th: 9 Favorite Task Forces or Missions
Sunday April 28th: 9 City zones that need saving
Monday April 29th: 9 Unsolved Plots
Tuesday April 30th: 9 In game events that can’t go on without heroes
Wednesday May 1st: 9 Things that never made it in game
Thursday May 2nd: 9 Favorite NPCs
Friday May 3rd: 9 Real life reasons we want the game back
Saturday May 4th: 9 Player Characters. The names of nine of your characters.
Sunday May 5th: 0 Replacements. No list, just a statement that there is no replacement for City of Heroes.

We miss City of Heroes and hope one day it may return -- regardless of what may or may not happen, we celebrate its memory, accomplishments, and community.

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