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new needs people to play with

d00fbysanchod00fbysancho Levittown, PAPosts: 219Member
basically as title says i am only like lvl 6 warrior on the kaineng server willing to transfer to another server just need some laid back people to play with character name is ayukenshin hope to see you guys soon :D


  • shingoukiehshingoukieh Fayetteville, NCPosts: 126Member Uncommon
    U will meet many people in game. If u really want to play with someone and for someone to show u ropes etc I'm on fort aspenwood
  • VorchVorch Somewhere, FLPosts: 800Member Uncommon

    I'll message you :) I'm on Anvil Rock, so you can guest there or I can guest by you.


    As long as it's not WvW and you are in North America, we can do stuff together.

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  • VolkonVolkon Sterling, VAPosts: 3,788Member Uncommon
    If you have any interest at all in WvW, check out Jade Quarry and feel free to look me up with regards to FIRE, a dedicated WvW guild that has an absolute blast playing.

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  • d00fbysanchod00fbysancho Levittown, PAPosts: 219Member
    I don't do pvp really anyway gw2 just plays enough for me to play it lol waiting on new pc
  • Gaia_HunterGaia_Hunter BristolPosts: 3,033Member Uncommon

    By the way, if your account has no characters, it is free to change servers.

    So you could delete your level 6 warrior if you so wished and move for free.

    The cooldown to move again, characters or no characters, is 7 days,

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  • d00fbysanchod00fbysancho Levittown, PAPosts: 219Member
    deleted my character transfered to anvil rock so if anyone is on that server msg me name is ayukenshin
  • botrytisbotrytis In Flux, MIPosts: 2,841Member Uncommon
    Keep on trying! People will help - I have received so many guild invites, so keep on plugging.


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  • d00fbysanchod00fbysancho Levittown, PAPosts: 219Member

    IDK no one is responding in game at all


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