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Cool Wushu movie cutscene and real factual Wudang swordplay demo

bleep.0_0.bleepbleep.0_0.bleep new york, NYPosts: 2Member

If you've never watched Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or the likes, you may feel Age Of Wushu is weird or have difficulty understanding the universe of martial arts pugilism in ancient China.


Here are some videos cut scene extracted from the movie Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate.  Just go youtube and do search and you can watch the full movie with English subtiles.


Take note that such martial arts fighting are exaggerated depiction of actual Chinese martial arts where the swordsplay style, practice of internal skill, acupunture points and Qi is real. 


The period that Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was based was during Qing Dynasty (1644–1911) while Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate was the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644)




Cave fight scene highlighting darts and swords play.


A vigilante taking down a patrol of Royal Guards to rescue a girl.


Three vigilantes stormed into the interrogation of some officials who were about to get executed, rescuing them and killed the Eunuch high imperial official.


Real WuDang  sword demo (if you play Wu Dang School in Age Of Wushu, this is looks familar )


A cool documentary about Wushu (Chinese martial arts)


  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,956Member Rare
    Too cool, nice work man.
  • bleep.0_0.bleepbleep.0_0.bleep new york, NYPosts: 2Member
    Thanks, but argh... how do you embed multiple youtube vids in this forum?
  • zzx81zzx81 singaporePosts: 53Member

    Good reference using this movie. That show is about LongMen Inn which is also the 3rd forbidden instance of AoW.


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