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What are the best pets?

Cartographer94Cartographer94 Denver, COMember Posts: 5

What are the best pets? I have just become a level 62 hunter and learned the ability to call my 4th pet and I have always had trouble choosing a pet. I know pets are structured with dps, tanks, and some in between. I was hoping to here some of your takes on what pets might work best.



  • RaklenRaklen Denver, COMember Posts: 11
    Whatever you want Gino
  • DAS1337DAS1337 Member Posts: 2,483 Uncommon
    People still play WoW?
  • WhiteLanternWhiteLantern Nevada, MOMember Posts: 2,732 Uncommon

    All the information you could ever want on Hunter pets is right here.


    As for me, I've been using my white Gorilla since vanilla. I also like my ghost Hydra, since they aren't tameable any more.

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  • McPickleMcPickle louisville, KYMember Posts: 39

    Idk if you mean for meta or comsetic but I'm going to tell you about Scar anyways.

    He's basicaly a metal panther in the firelands. He's a rare spawn every so many hours. Then you have to jump up some ledges, where he is usualy on one. I haven't play MoP but I believe you can use silence shot on any hunter now and u have to hit him with that and then try to tame him before he hits you.

    Soooooo I had been waiting to get this guy and I logged in early one morning and not as many were on. Boom there he was. So I get up there and line myself up and  hit him and start taming him. 1 sec before I'm done some random guy comes up and 1 shots him and kills him.  One of the few times in gaming I've been ready to throw something. 

    I don't play wow anymore.

  • Hekke29Hekke29 PilaMember Posts: 102 Uncommon
    just follow Whitelantern's link, for years whenever i had ANY questions about my hunter alts Petopia was a place to go, now they even have info about battle pets as a "bonus" so when i revisited WoW to check Pandaria for a bit i was pleasantly suprised to find them not only alive but kickin :D

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  • 88proof88proof los angeles, CAMember Posts: 7

    cat or wolf for instances, spider or crab for pvp and the core hound for raids..........BUT there is no right or wrong. I use the pet that I like. By now people are so op and gear out yer pet shouldnt make that much of a difference. 


    So it really boils down to do you have a pet you like and are you effective with it?

  • a1csimsa1csims Mt. Pleasant, TNMember Posts: 24 Uncommon


  • ghostfaeriesghostfaeries the Land of OooMember Posts: 87 Uncommon
    Originally posted by WhiteLantern
    All the information you could ever want on Hunter pets is right here.

    I love that website.

    It depends what spec your hunter is really. there's some helpful pets that give buffs to you, your party or raid, for pvp and just pets for fun. as for me- I am survival and I use a wolf for furious howl in dungeons and raids.

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