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MO is probably least hacker protected MMORPG

wappawappa ylukdhtPosts: 2Member

I'd like to warn new players about terrible situation with cheaters in this game. There is widely-known pet dupe, a bit less known item dupe, speedhack is working and not detected in 90% of cases, and the game doesn't even have proper verification of game files. You can go to /CookedPC/Packages/StaticMeshes and delete *.UPK files with textures you don't need like doors, player houses, guild keep walls (all files are named without any cunning) and your game just won't see them. Since everything is clientside it will allow you to go into player houses, guild keeps (this is so crazy) and run through obstacles. Almost every day i saw nakeds running in our keep getting into it right through the wall and stealing everything that is not glued to the ground and killing AFK people.

One of the main features of MO is full loot but it doesn't matter when enemy just have unlimited amount of imba mounts (all the exact same stats and color since they are duped), weapons and armor. I'm not even mentioning undetectable speedhack and stamina hacks (just don't use cheat engine).

Since most of the stuff is clientside you can also use HEX editors to check exact item parameters. Especially it's useful for crafting - in some professions crafters who are NOT using HEX editors are just not viable (alchemy, cooking, bows).

You can also cause lag with your internet and kill the freezed enemy during that lag - after you will unlag he will get full damage no matter where enemy were. This is just ridiculous. MO could be a nice game if there were some people playing it and no such hacking stuff. Even though people report it no action is taken to fix it. Probably the only way to make them fix this is to spread this info so there will be even more overwhelming amount of cheaters than now and only then Devs will maybe start working on it. But i guess it's too late already.


  • jmlane223jmlane223 great mills, MDPosts: 106Member Uncommon

    Damage is also done client side, if you intercept the packet that deals with damage (very easy to do) and manipulate it and block the right value and replace it with a higher one, you can max out your damage with any weapon.


    Oh yea resource gathering, also client side. You can mine Gabora or whatever you want (or any mix of this) from a flower. The catch also, is that you can mine it an unlimited amount of time afk. 

  • SenorWahabeSenorWahabe Derpington State, LAPosts: 1Member
    I wouldn't be surprised if there were even more hacks out. It's so hard to tell, what is a bug and what is people hacking.
  • raff01raff01 PARISPosts: 453Member
    fail programming is fail...Client side detection ftw
  • VindicarVindicar ParisPosts: 138Member Uncommon
    Aion could compete.

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  • GenadiGenadi BrisbanePosts: 110Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Vindicar
    Aion could compete.

     Unless they have GM's who are friends with guilds and in turn help them via ghost scouting etc I highly doubt it.


    I've played nearly every major mmo released over the past 10 years from Darkfall to SWG and I have never seen a game come close to the problems with cheating etc MO has. 90% of the playerbase have left and a large portion directly because of it.


    Every attempt to expose and fix the issue is covered up, posts deleted etc.


    Heck only last week Henrik posted a wall of text claiming no GM's are corrupt and that they can detect cheaters. He then quickly locked the thread so people couldn't point out what a ridiculous statement that was. Nearly every week a new hack or exploit is posted on youtube and just ask any vet about the GM's.


    By far the worst game for hacking, exploiting, cheating ever.

  • bingbongbrosbingbongbros Vista, CAPosts: 688Member Uncommon
    my friend had a hack for MO back when it was still in beta testing. He could fly all over the world at his own leisure and flew into some areas that werent even ready to be tested yet.  Also had immortality.  Was pretty sad

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  • YojimboBimboYojimboBimbo virginia beach, VAPosts: 162Member
    Nothing's changed eh? Miss ya genadi, been a while since I've heard that accent.

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  • GenadiGenadi BrisbanePosts: 110Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by YojimboBimbo
    Nothing's changed eh? Miss ya genadi, been a while since I've heard that accent.

    [mod edit]


    Heya man :) I'll jump in TS soon say G'Day to all. I haven't been playing any mmo's lately after MO I needed a break I think!


    Been playing Morrowind with the 3.0 graphics mod and having a blast, forgot how great a game it is.

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