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Feyguard's Adventurer's Helper Pack Giveaway

SirZacSirZac Indianapolis, FLPosts: 22Member Uncommon

Feyguard, the Neverwinter chapter guild of Gayme 0n, the LGBT+ally community, is giving away an Adventurer’s Helper Pack pack to three winners. Entries will be accepted from April 16, 2013 12:01am EST to April 27, 2013 12:01am EST. Each day of the pre-launch starting on Saturday, April 27, 2013 will we be distributing one Adventurer’s Help Pack.

Membership of the Feyguard/Gayme 0n community/guild is not required.

If any entry is deemed invalid, the entire submission will be considered void, so be honest

Gayme Øn - a LGBT social community


  • AntiarinAntiarin Fullerton, CAPosts: 16Member Uncommon
    I think your post has incorrect dates. It says you will be accepting entries until August 27th. But that aside I want to enter your contest. Thank you.

    Noli sinere te ab improbis opprimi

  • BradakinzBradakinz CorkPosts: 1Member
    I too would like to take part! :P
  • TheOtterTheOtter Seattle, WAPosts: 45Member Uncommon
    I had a good time with these guys during TSW and a bit in GW2. Good to see they'll be in Neverwinter as well!
  • MawkMawk Eastport, MEPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    Why wouldn't you click on it because of the name? They said right out it's a 

    LGBT community.

  • MMOman101MMOman101 Posts: 1,372Member Uncommon
    Free is always nice
  • evilastroevilastro EdinburghPosts: 4,270Member
    Sounds like a cool guild, might join you for Neverwinter :)
  • RuvianeRuviane Racine, WIPosts: 9Member
    I have loved the Forgotten Realms ever since the first novels by Douglas Niles came out.  It is my favorite world in D&D (Ravenloft is my second) and I can't wait to play there regularly!
  • odienmanodienman quincy, MAPosts: 57Member Uncommon

    Sounds like a cool guild as well, I may join as well.


  • ZulmalukaZulmaluka BelgradePosts: 18Member Uncommon
    cant wait for this give away to finish and see if i had that little luck to score this pack <3 , gl hf to all others that enterd the contest 
  • jdnycjdnyc Long Island City, NYPosts: 1,696Member
    Very exciting.  Only a week away til open beta (soft launch.)  :)
  • VenatorLVXVenatorLVX Portland, ORPosts: 1Member
    Nice giveaway!  Good luck to everyone who takes part!
  • SirZacSirZac Indianapolis, FLPosts: 22Member Uncommon

    We already have over 450 entries and we still have nearly a week to go!

    Gayme Øn - a LGBT social community

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