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Rocklift Shard?

NekokekiNekokeki Seattle, WAPosts: 79Member

Does this shard exist?

I'm very confused, I don't see Rocklift on the shard list... yet I'm logged in and in game.  I just leveld a rogue to 7.  Granted I haven't seen a single person in town, so it's believable it's over with.  At the same time I'm not sure how I'm playing on a server that is shutdown.  Is this real life?

I'm just asking, because otherwise I was hoping to stay on my server and link up with some people on my friends list (hoping).  I don't know anyone else playing :(

Does the free trial put you in single player mode or am I actually on a server all to myself?


* I do understand Rocklift wouldn't show up on a transfer select, but I read some old google posts saying people missed it and am assuming it's gone.




  • MegatronicMegatronic Ofallon, MOPosts: 35Member
    Its the new player shard, you should have an option to transfer off to one of the real servers.
  • cartermaticcartermatic Temecula, CAPosts: 53Member
    sorry sir. you are in the afterlife now..


  • NekokekiNekokeki Seattle, WAPosts: 79Member
    Kind of shocking not to see a single other player at level 1.  Either way, that makes much more sense, thank you!
  • NekokekiNekokeki Seattle, WAPosts: 79Member
    Originally posted by cartermatic
    sorry sir. you are in the afterlife now..

    Does this mean I can be dungeon master?

  • NekokekiNekokeki Seattle, WAPosts: 79Member

    Confirmed, thanks! I am just shocked to see I'm the only one playing the trial I suppose.  Also completely missed this the first time I logged in...


    *holds up stupid sign.  It reads:


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