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What do you all think of Divinity: Original Sin?

YaevinduskYaevindusk Ul''dah, CAPosts: 1,838Member Uncommon

Kickstarter aside:


By the information present and the 12 minute video on that site, what are everyone's thoughts of the game in general?  I'm a fan of games that release the tools they used to make the game, so I'm all bias and nerded up to play this party based RPG.  Not to mention that it's a turn based RPG in a beautiful world.

After watching that video, what are some of your reactions?  I'm very much unable to get past my excited phase and some perspective my might good.  Though as it will probably turn into a debate about kickstarter, let's split this into two phases.


1)  What you think of the game and how it looks:

It just seems like a great game from a genre that doesn't get enough love at it is.  I'm really into content creation and multiplayer DnD like games where you have to decide things together and everybody has a say.  The free system seems fun as well, as you won't be tied to the same area as your friend in their drop in, drop out online play system and you can go about different parts of the world at your own leisure.  I would go on but the video itself explains what it is better than I could possibly.

The whole direction just seems tailored to people who enjoy these types of games.  :D


2) Kickstarter and stretch goals:

In my own little input, I think they adequately describe why they are going through kickstarter.  That they just want to make the game better, and their videos from a year or two back support this as well.  I'm hoping it will get to the one million point so that NPCs will have daily activities and actual bed times while roaming the world as opposed to presumably one set path for both day and night (or if the day night cycle is even in if the stretch goal isn't made).

They say they're just on kickstarter to hire a bigger staff to make it the best game they possibly can before it gets released by the end of the year.  Sounds fine to me personally as I was intending on getting the game anyway, and if they actively use my purchase to make my experience just that much better, it's win win for me.  All it takes is for me just to pre-order now as opposed to buying it when it comes out to help ensure my money goes to also improving my enjoyment in addition to acquiring a product.  :D

I think this is an example of a great type of kickstarter as it's mainly a single player game with drop in, drop out online DnD play and content creation such as making new adventures for your friends.  There are no real promises for power, and many of the tiers just include helping further develop the game with both the money and your ideas (aside from forum posts and tweets with ideas).  There is also a lot of direction as to where the money will go and in improving an rpg game by adding in suggestions that fans of this genre have sent them since they announced the title.


As a whole, I think more PC RPG games is a good thing, and I hope support is shown for those who try to make these rare gems.  Go party based, turn style PC RPGS!



  • WolfenprideWolfenpride San''doria, WIPosts: 3,988Member

    Loved all three previous games, so looking forward to it. Supposedly Larian has wanted to do a turn based rpg since the very beginning of the series, so hopefully they get it done well.

    Probably one of the very few games i'll ever bother supporting on KS, mostly for the cheaper digital version that comes with pledging i'll admit. I do love Larian studios though.


    edit: Looks like they made it to the homestead stretch goal, good stuff.image

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