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A zombie game; Can't remember its name, cant find it :( Any help?

KrelianKrelian GöteborgPosts: 384Member Uncommon

Yeah,, what can I tell you about it...? Here it goes!

Its about zombies (as the title says), its 3D, its most likely played from a third person perspective,  ITS ABOUT DRIVING A VEHICLE across a zombie-infested world, killing things (NO, Im not talking about the game Zombie Driver! :D ) BUT if I remember correctly, you can ALSO get off your vehicle.

it was PROBABLY (BUT NOT SURELY) released by a ''minor'' company, maybe a russian development team? So, the game was never well-known to begin with. It was probably released after 2008, SO iT COULD BE anywhere between 2008-2010, BUT IM NOT SURE about that, either ;(

You could upgrade your vehicle to some degree, and LASTLY; the game had very artistic, ''non-realistic'', I mean sort of ''cartoonish'' graphics with some very ''wierd'' characters with funky personalities like the old lucas arts adventure games.

The game had gotten very little publicity (as I mentioned above) when It was released, BUT I STILL HAD MANAGED to scraunge some reviews and youtube clips about it back than, before it disappeared off my radar a few years ago.

Generally, the game was criticized for its repetitive nature.

PLEASE help me find this game, and dont make me put a picture of it on milk boxes, cos I dont have a name or a picture, yet :D

PS! I spent hours to find this game before posting here,, heheh, you guys are my last hope!


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