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world pvp and no time limit

SaunZSaunZ Las Vegas, NVPosts: 321Member Uncommon

For an open world, sandbox mmo that has no world pvp and has a time limit, I am sure dying a lot during the 2 full days i have played so far.

The servers seem packed and there seems to be a ton of world pvp going on.  I kinda like the thrill of getting ganked as I am doing my story and quests. I spend a little time on them and then just head off in a direction to go explore and find mats for my gathering and crafting professions.

It is pretty realistic with my nutrition counter always counting down... in other words you MUST have food to survive.  The graphics are awesome and look very real on the Ultra settings.  The horse that I got is beautiful and seems alive.

The most fun and tension that I have had so far was doing the School Spy quest.  You go and spy on the other schools and you sneak up on other players that are off-line and have become NPCs.  Thats right, when you log you are still playing.  You get information from them and try your best not to get caught.  I had a school patrol dude chasing me (he was on his quest) and I ran and jumped on a roof.  He did the same but fell off and I was able to get my last token and get home ftw!  Yesterday I was killed by a guildie doing the same quest... he was protecting his school and I called him out on it in Guild Chat.  What kind of ass kills their own guildie just to score some quest points... LOL  :o)

There are tons of events going on and all the players seem to be having fun so far.  The game has, what I would consider, a steep learning curve because Cultivation and Jianghu blow my mind.  But like Eve I get to study while off line... I am still an active part in the world while I am away and it is always exciting to log back on and see if anything has happened to me - kinda like the date rape drug.

I am having fun,

Sz   :o

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