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DAoC Unlimited Trial

LangorLangor Milwaukie, ORPosts: 4Member Uncommon

Dark Ages of Camelot Unlimited Trial

Purpose: To bring new players and veterans back to DAoC! There have been a ton of balance and new features made to DAoC. It is time to let players see the fixes and balances since the ToA release that broke the game. And a free unlimited trial is the perfect way. The trial will provide players a chance to play DAoC for an unlimited time while being able to experience end game. The limitations will give players enough content to experience end game and remember what it was like to play DAoC before subscribing. New players will learn what a real PvP game is about.

Trial Limitations:


Character Slots: Two from each realm for a total of 6 character slots.



Races: Expansion races locked.


Albion: Avalonian, Briton, (L)Half-Ogre, Highlander, (L)Inconnu, Saracen, and the (L)Korazh(Minotaur).
(4 unlocked, 3 locked)

Hibernia: Celt, Elf, Firbolg, Lurikeen, (L)Shar, (L)Sylvan, and the (L)Graoch(Minotaur).
(4 unlocked, 3 locked)

Midgard: Dwarf, (L)Frostalf, Kobold, Norseman, Troll, (L)Valkyn, and the (L)Deifrang(Minotaur).
(4 unlocked, 3 locked)



Classes: Expansion classes locked. Stealth classes locked to reduce trial griefing and promote team play.

Albion: Armsman, Cabalist, Cleric, Friar, (L)Heretic, (L)Infiltrator, (L)Mauler, Mercenary, (L)Minstrel, (L)Necromancer, Paladin, (L)Reaver, (L)Scout, Sorcerer, Theurgist, and Wizard.
(9 unlocked, 7 locked)

Hibernia: (L)Animist, (L)Bainshee, Bard, Blademaster, Champion, Druid, Eldritch, Enchanter, Hero, (L)Mauler, Mentalist, (L)Nightshade, (L)Ranger, Warden, (L)Valewalker, and (L)Vampiir.
(9 unlocked, 7 locked)

Midgard: Berserker, (L)Bonedancer, Healer, (L)Hunter, (L)Mauler, Runemaster, (L)Savage, (L)Shadowblade, Shaman, Skald, Spiritmaster, Thane, (L)Valkyrie, (L)Warlock, and Warrior.
(8 unlocked, 7 locked)



Other limitations:

Level Cap: Level 50. RR6L0
Champion Levels: Locked
Master Levels: Locked.

Spells: Trial accounts spells will have the enhancement spell system like the classic server to help prevent bots. The character enhancement spell system has also been altered so the character receiving these spells must be grouped with and remain relatively close to the caster.
Mounts: Locked
Guilds: Can not start a guild, can join. Can use but not purchase a guild house.
Foundations (Player housing): May use zone, can not purchase land (Limits you from selling items)
Epic Quest: Locked
Crafting: Locked, can equip crafted gear and use seige equipment.
Enhanced Leveling System: Locked
Currency: Seals, Aurulite, Glass, Dragon Scales, bounty points and other special currencies locked (Can obtain but not spend). Platinum Carry limit: 10 (keeps the farm bots away)
Mythrian item slot: Locked
Locked Zones (Expansion dungeons locked, origonal game release dungeons available): Caer Sidi | City of Avalon | Krondon Iarnvidiur's Lair | Trollheim | Tuscaran Glacier Fomor | Galladoria | Tur Suil | Aerus City | Cetus' Pit | Deep Volcanus | Halls of Ma'ati | Sobekite Eternal | Temple of Twilight | Aerus City | Cetus' Pit | Deep Volcanus | Halls of Ma'ati | Sobekite Eternal | Temple of Twilight | Aerus City | Cetus' Pit | Deep Volcanus | Halls of Ma'ati | Sobekite Eternal | Temple of Twilight | Lair of the Exiled | Shafts of Tenebrae | Snyblem's Lair | The Plutonian Shore | Jarlsberg's Hideout | Marik's Workroom | The Thieves Den | Wolak's Crucible | Blathnait's Refuge | Broken Mirrors | Hugak's Smithy | Inner Sanctum | Maze of Madness | Rugnog's Haven | Shattered Lands | The Deep | The Goblin Workshop | Wolves Den.

Subscription: All content unlocked. Once cancelled account will convert to unlimited trial and will be set back to limitations.


In closing: Remember, its a trial. You are not suppose to be able to aquire and obtain all the end game abilities and equipment. The trial will be able to let you experience end game and be prepaired to start the end game adventure once subscribed. Yes, you will not be fully geared but you can easily be ready to once subscribed. Also, by creating a unlimited trial and putting it up on places such as steam will grab a huge player increase. Thoughts and opinions welcomed.


  • meddyckmeddyck USAPosts: 1,198Member Uncommon
    At first I got excited that what you posted was something official but it appears it is just your idea of what they should do. Why go to all that trouble? All they need to do is just bring back the 14 day free trial plus give long time (6 month or more) cancelled accounts 14 days free.

    Camelot Unchained Backer
    DAOC [retired]: R11 Cleric R11 Druid R11 Minstrel R9 Eldritch R6 Sorc R6 Scout R5 Healer

  • reap3rzxreap3rzx Grand Forks, NDPosts: 41Member
    I like the idea but some restrictions would have to be lifted. Example: Spending bounty points. How could they participate in the battlegrounds without being able to buy BP gear?
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