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Retard looking for Beta key help

SwampDragonsSwampDragons KavlingePosts: 342Member Uncommon

Hello all,

So I got a key but I cant for the life of me find were to add the key.

All guides (Yea i know, have to search for guides to register a key? seems im THAT smart) says you click.

Services and Options-> Select services and then you click on FFXIV game and the click button add services.

Now the thing is I cant find that  "add services" button anywere... Anyone help a half blind man?


  • UnrealRpgUnrealRpg lindan, NJPosts: 112Member Uncommon
    It's on the left side of your account page. You also have to sign up on the beta fourms. It's all in the email if you got it.
  • SwampDragonsSwampDragons KavlingePosts: 342Member Uncommon
    Followed the links again and now it took me to the key reg window.. before it got me else were.. dunno what I did wrong before carry on it works now.
  • cracker007cracker007 mumbaiPosts: 7Member Uncommon
    Can i have a beta key, thanks friend
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