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Sorta-newbie take, 3rd time with game LOVE it , need to meet PHOENIX people!

RagnardoRagnardo prescott, AZPosts: 11Member

Well well, my histroy with FF is a long and interesting one.. I have tried this game twice in the past, each time 4 or so years apart.  I fell in love with it instantly, I love the questing, story, universe but always had a hard time finding people to play with back in the day and gave up because, well, trying to solo a RDM past level 8 was a major pain when the game started.   Four years later I tried again in a different country with a different class, I made it until level 15 and just had to much other stuff to do then sit and wait for parties but I still LOVED this game and wish I had more time to see the world...


NOW, present day, I decided to try again (12 years later!!) and love it.  I am finaly level 20 (solo, very easy with dbl xp week )  I finally made it to Juno, got my chocoo pass.. I am finally doing all the things I wish I could have done years ago...

I am not sure why i am so obbsessed with this game, I have tried many other mmo's and hate them after awhile.. this one beat me down TWICE and I STILL went back for more recently!!!  I cant tell you how excited I was to make the journey to juno (not NEARLY as hard with the 2 pieces of gear one gets with the new package, crazy now easy this makes it along with all the other tweaks to make this easier over the last 10 years...).. I have adventured with a few other people for a few hours but never joined a link shell but would love to now.

Anyone on PHOENIX that is part of a friendly non-endgame focused group?? I am in loveing exploring the world of FF XI for the first time (after wanting to for years!!) but it is getting sort of lonely and harder.. I mean I could see myself soloing this for awhile but its going to get old without some folks to play with..  Anyways, let me know if any Phoenix people want to help me out here, need other enthusiastic  adventereues to join up with to explore all the misson based storylines together, sounds like a blast to me.. 

Anyways, a sorta newb (not really) who is reall liking this game now that I can chew on a little bit of what it has to offer...

Sorry about the grammer errors, the spell chcker is not working here and I am in a rush just want to put a word out for phoenix players!  Thanks!




  • Soki123Soki123 Kelowna, BCPosts: 2,166Member Rare

    I can t remember the LS, but theres one or more on there that play the game more like it was in the past. I know one of them do the abbysea stuff, but will not use it to pl each pther etc.

    My wife and I are from there, and actually have the itch to fire it up again. Not sure when as her EQ2 recurring sub for a year just went through, she meant to cancel it, so I re subbed a year with her:) We love EQ2 so it s cool, but we re thinking FFXI will be our other MMO.

  • birdycephonbirdycephon Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 1,314Member
    Oh dude, on e you get lvl 30 you should get some of the more fun classes like SMN or DNC or BST or something.
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