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Crafter class in RvR...might be a great support class

SBE1SBE1 New York, NYPosts: 335Member

Imagine RvR whereby structures such as walls and seige equipment can only be built by crafters.  An RvR group would almost always want to bring along some crafters to build the seige equipment or defensive structures or defensive seige equipment to improve their odds in RvR.   

Thus, if you had crafters in your group, you could build a defensive tower in the middle of enemy territory, greatly enhancing your ability to survive attack.  The more crafters, the faster and larger that defensive tower could be, up to a full-blown defensive fort with multiple walls.    Conversely, attacking these defended positions would require groups to bring crafters along to build the seige weapons needed. 

In this regard, crafters become an essential support class for RvR. In addition to making swords, armors, etc. they can also be active in the RvR game.


  • belatucadrosbelatucadros Toronto, ONPosts: 263Member

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  • tauraktaurak rock cave, WVPosts: 174Member

    I believe thats actually the idea of the crafter class.

    They can make defensive structures, and also siege weaponry to take out enemy structures.

    Its going to be a very complicated RvR system given that crafters and gatherers will need to be protected, along with their supply line of materials.

    I'm guessing one crafter wont be able to hold enough materials to create a massive structure all in one "inventory load", so my guess is that its going to be some seriously real PvP experience.


    I never thought of this game in this way until just now, but yes, supply lines will need to be secured. Mines will need to be secured.

    The enemy team will be able to send scouts to interrupt supply lines while the main army sieges your "castle" ensuring that you can't repair it as its being destroyed etc etc


    Not to mention endless possibilities.

    We can create our own "milegates" if we want. Could build endless ammounts of walls to protect our castles if need be. Anything from a maze of walls where archers and casters could defend, anything.

    Now I love this game even more.

  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon
    As posted, this is kind of duplicating discussion already happening:

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