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IGC's Dazzling Impact is now recruiting semi-hardcore players!

Grey950Grey950 New City, NYPosts: 64Member Uncommon

IGC is recruiting for Wildstar!


Community Manager: Grey Jorildyn

Goals: PvE, Competitive Raid Content

Officers: Positions available (interview process)

Status: Accepting members

Faction: Exile

Timezones: North American (EST-PST)

Website:  (IGC)

Join: Guild Application


IGC is looking to expand into another MMO with Wildstar. Right now we're looking for players, leaders, and experienced PvE and PvP players among them. Our multi-game community is about 150 players, across 5 major MMORPGs and 3 "Gamer Groups" (LoL, MWO, and DOTA 2). Whenever a big title catches our eye, we seek to bring new players into the fold and add another branch to our growing community tree. We feel that Wildstar has a promising future in the MMO world and our gaming community!


So we're looking for YOU, the player interested in Wildstar to join us in our new adventure. We are not only looking for experienced, core players, but also those with the talent, time, and desire to lead our new chapter too. This is a great opportunity for someone to not just join our community, but make a long-lasting impact! IGC grows because people in current chapters are willing to start new chapters, but it also grows when we bring in new people with the drive to succeed.


As a group, we are semi-hardcore players. That is, hardcore players who perhaps don't have the time or energy to be super hardcore like we used to be in our 20s. We have families, kids, and careers now. We are a working-man's community. That doesn't make us any less competitive than the younger guilds though (not by a long-shot) and our track record for guilds proves that. IGC has left its mark, and continues to, in games such as FFXIV, Guild Wars 2, Rift, and Star Wars: The Old Republic! We want to do the same in Wildstar!


Right now we're in the process of looking for strong leaders and growing our playerbase for this game.  IGC knows what it wants to do within the game and that's be the best can be. We have been watching this game since it was announced and are incredibly excited that we have somewhere to recruit and connect with the Wildstar community. As we gather players to our community we will run a polls and gauge the interest level of our players to determine the most successful focus of our guild (including faction). We believe everyone has a voice and each voice is important.  One thing I can tell you is we generally don't RP, but if the guild wills it, so shall it be.


With Binary Impact we intend to take the lead on clearing raid content.  Our goal will be to maintain server firsts on 40 man raiding without requiring the time investment many other top raiding guilds request from their members.  We fully intend to raid no more than 3 nights a week with an additional night dedicated to Warplots for members who enjoy large scale PvP.  In the past IGC guilds have been very successful in this aspect, maintaining server firsts without requiring the hardcore time investment of rival guilds.  Our mantra is quality over quantity and we are looking for players who specifically want competitive endgame progression in PvE.


So if you're looking to join a well-established group of mature adults who enjoys all facets of MMORPG gaming (and thensome), then take a look at our website.  If you have any questions, you can email them directly to me at [email][/email]. I'll do my best to answer any and all questions you might have, including inquiries about group applications (we get this one a lot). Players can also apply directly to this guild using our guild application.


Now that you know what we're all about, tell us what you're all about!  We look forward to reading your applications over the next few months and hope you will be the type of player that excels with us.  


To everyone: We'll see YOU in Wildstar!


Thanks for reading! :)


Grey Jorildyn

IGC Manager

A multi-game MMORPG community


  • Grey950Grey950 New City, NYPosts: 64Member Uncommon
    Looking for a few more great players and officers to take this guild to great heights!

    A multi-game MMORPG community
  • Grey950Grey950 New City, NYPosts: 64Member Uncommon

    We've updated our application to give you the opportunity to tell us more about you and really showcase your talents on paper.  Links in OP have been updated and here's a shortcut for ya:


    Meet you soon!

    A multi-game MMORPG community
  • AldersAlders Jack Burton'sPosts: 2,106Member Uncommon
    Bump.  Looking for active members.
  • AIMonsterAIMonster Apopka, FLPosts: 2,059Member Uncommon

    We had a vote and officially changed our name to Binary Impact.  I think we are in the process of getting the title changed.  Dazzling didn't sound quite as good and was more a temporary name setup by our community manager.

    We're still looking for solid players who want to focus on being at the forefront of completing Elder Games content without requiring hardcore hours that most hardcore guilds need.


    Raptr link because it's the cool new trend:

  • MiserySignalMiserySignal Trois-Rivieres, QCPosts: 40Member Uncommon
    One hell of a community guys! Join us!
  • Grey950Grey950 New City, NYPosts: 64Member Uncommon
    It's been awhile since we've posted but we have been busy bringing in new members and getting to know one another.  Binary Impact is once again accepting applications in bulk.  We continue to seek the semi-hardcore players capable of helping our guild grow within a strong community.  We are not only seeking members but also those with leadership talent to be raid leaders, pvp officers, and perhaps even co-guild leader.  Please do not hesitate to apply or contact us with any questions you have!  Our Teamspeak is also open to the public (

    A multi-game MMORPG community
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