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Just came back for the first time since release.

Rapture618Rapture618 Dublin, OHPosts: 14Member

Starting fresh since God knows what I've missed, and to throw icing on the cake I've got a new rig to finally maximize my playability.


Where's everyone playing nowadays? As much as I love running into people during world events, I wouldn't mind joining a guild or something to keep the social aspect of the game alive and kicking. Where should I start?



  • GetzMangoGetzMango CT USAPosts: 182Member Uncommon

    I'm on Shatterbone, and things are generally active there. You can do free shard transfers anytime, so take alook around and see which fits your play times best.

    Welcome back

    Every MMORPG is AWESOME, until it's released!
    I don't want a game so much as I want a WORLD!
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