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Anyone here still playing FFXI?

AnjeluosAnjeluos Milford, CTPosts: 11Member

Hey guys! So I'm a FFXI vet from the beginning. I went to level 75 as a Corsair, and some other classes. This game was a great game for me and my buddies back in the day. Had lots of good memories and Adventure alike. I saw the new Expansion came out and i haven't played it for years now. I just quit World of Warcraft and don't really have much to play, at least now till Elder Scrolls or the newly expected Mmo's come out. 

I would really like to get back into FFXI, but i don't really know anyone in the game at all anymore. I also have no idea how the game is going. I called them up yesteday to try and retrieve my account and password, due to not being able to remember it. Sadly they said my account has been inactive for too many years. So as a result it's been deleted and i can't get it back. Which i was very sad about, since i had a lot of good memories on my Characters. However i saw they're selling the Ultimate Pack, so figured be a good way to start the game from Fresh again. 


So i have a few quick Questions for anyone who still plays.

1: Basically I'm wondering if anyone here is playing the game? 

2: Is it Pretty Active Still ?

3: What would be a good server to start on?

4: Would anyone like to play with an old Vet that's starting fresh?

4: Do you think it's worth getting the game, with Realm Reborn coming some time soon?


This also doesn't just go for FFXI, just in general looking for some people to play with. I play way to many games, from all sorts of style. But I'm currently not playing a MMO and would really like to find a good bunch of mature folks, to play an MMO with. So if anyone here has any ideas let me know please, would be greatly appreciated. Would really like to find a good group of folks to play games with, from MMO's or to Shooters/RTS just about anything honestly.


Thank You for taking the time to read this and looking forward to hearing from you guys, feel free to PM me if you wish!


  • LummLumm amarillo, TXPosts: 132Member Uncommon

    While ive played FFXI over the years off and on i recenly came back tp play a couple months ago. It was fun at first getting back into the things doing little things here and there but after i was ready to actually do events. it was very very clear that unless you alredy had a ls full of friends then you wasnt going to get anything done and i know for the most part its always been that way but sadly there just isnt any newbie or returngin players ls out there that do stuff and i was on Odin one of the most populated servers. If you dont already have a relic or close to perfect gear then i would advise to let the game die out for you if you dont already have friends playing the game.

    The xpac that was just released is no exception to this rule as everything is almost unsoloable. While still a great game at heart the already exsisting community kills it with its elitist attitude towards returning  and new players. If you dont mind spending the massive amount of time trying to catch up then go for it. There are still plenty of players.


    tldr; If you dont already have a LS or a few friends already playing then i would say to stay away. If you're interested in 14 i would say to wait for that if you want an MMO to play in the near future.

  • nubiliusnubilius Lockport, NYPosts: 39Member

    My server is still quite active, and I currently run an active LS that does pretty much everytime of content the game has to offer.

    We are by no means "Elite" but we do enjoy taking on all the content the game has to offer, and have fun regardless if we win or lose the fight.


    Come check us out if you like, ReturnersXI on the Pheonix server!


    For invite message, Razela, Bizniztyme, Xecil, Mcjboi, Crasius, or Laucian

  • AnjeluosAnjeluos Milford, CTPosts: 11Member
    How are the lower level areas in the game? Are they pretty dead or are they still pretty active, such as the DUNES and Yutunga Jungle(sp). I loved leveling in those areas and would really like to go back there again. But would think most people are all in there 70+ 60+ only and etc.
  • nubiliusnubilius Lockport, NYPosts: 39Member
    As with all games, older content starts to become obsolete, however we are always taking new members in, and helping them level up in the lower level areas, we may not always do old school xp parties, but we do xp as close as we can to oldschool
  • VernamVernam Federal Way, WAPosts: 50Member Uncommon
    I would totally come back if they released an old school server, kinda like Runescape did. Level-sync killed FFXI for me back in ~2008.
  • k11keeperk11keeper Posts: 1,048Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Anjeluos
    How are the lower level areas in the game? Are they pretty dead or are they still pretty active, such as the DUNES and Yutunga Jungle(sp). I loved leveling in those areas and would really like to go back there again. But would think most people are all in there 70+ 60+ only and etc.

    The traditional way of leveling no longer exists. What people do is solo to 12-15 then head to gusgen mines, lvl sync and spam Grounds of Valor pages until lvl 30ish. Then you do the same in crawlers nest to 55ish then in the sandy sewer until 99 (this is very slow by todays standars but could be done in a week easily). At any point after lvl 30 you could just skip all that and go straight to abyssea and leach xp all the way to 99 too in one day.

    Last job I lvled to 99 I never actually xped at all. I had to have support job to get into a group and needed it 99 asap. So, I used my other char to leach myself to 30 in zeruhn mines on GoV then paid a guy 800k  to let me sit in his pt for 9 hours while i went to work, when I came home I was 99 with capped xp and merits.

    Lvling is not important anymore its all about having that job geared, skilled, and knowing your role for endgame content. The gearing and skilling part is where the real work is done and how you separate yourself from bad players. Exping is just a means to an end, not something you spend 95% of your time doing like in the past. Well scratch that in past it was 25% lving 50% waiting and 25% farming, and 1% other stuff for my first 2 years of the game. Now there is no waiting and farming isn't really necessary to make gil. You get a job to 99 get it decently geared and go spam endgame content to get it amazingly geared.

    Also people saying the new zones aren't soloable are crazy they are filled with people, just follow the crowd like everyone else, it works very similar to campaign. It's not like voidwatch filled with elitist jerks who want perfectly geard jobs with perfect setups.

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