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Final fantasy xi or everquest 1 and 2 ?

LaedermaskenLaedermasken KumlaPosts: 17Member Uncommon

which of these Three games are the best /most fun to play ? 



  • JimmyYOJimmyYO Columbus, OHPosts: 519Member Uncommon

    Honestly Everquest 2 isn't worthy to be on the list theres no reason to play it over any other themepark out there.

    As far as the other two it depends. EQ 1 has a much more consistent raiding scene and bigger endgame in general but it's alos run by $ony's endless ingame cashshop nag. It is also a hollow shell of it's former self with some pay to win features and bonuses you'll never catch up to that the veterans have. At least FFXI has retained a shred of itself over the years but also has far less content.

    I can't tell you which to play, EQ1 is F2P so it doesn't hurt to try that first then move on if you don't like it.


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