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You know what, im gonna play again

ElesdeeElesdee Massapequa, NYPosts: 44Member Uncommon

I never did the raid content. I did hardly any dungeons and im pretty sure my main character was a level 52 hunter. I quit before wotlk, cata, mop. I think I only played burning crusade but anyway the whole point is I really enjoyed playing when I did play but I never got to do any of the content that people praise. I havent played in a long long time, talking like 5,6 years and I figure why not I have a friend who plays so Im just gonna buy all the x-pacs and play. 


Is it going to be a bad experience being a player with no boss strat knowledge? I feel like im going to probably be the only new player in there who has no idea what he is doing. Im good at these games and can learn quickly, but I feel like im gonna get overwhelmed playing wow this late in the game. Even dumb stuff like customizing my UI, I know you dont HAVE to but I want to because i remember it greatly improved the game but now there are so many mods I dont even know where to start. Oh lordy what am I doing now im psyching myself out =/


  • KuinnKuinn MestaPosts: 2,072Member Uncommon

    Well the gameplay is the same it was back in the day so you should be good. Also you dont have to worry about strategies untill end-game, and by that time you'll know your class well enough, only needs a bit of reading at that point.


    Perhaps not even reading, just join in through the raid finder, it puts you into an easymode raid pug, just sit back and enjoy the ride? :P What comes to addons and mods, Blizzard has implemented a bunch of addons into the game by now, if you want more head to curse gaming site I guess.


    But really, going into WoW there's no need to worry about anything, you'll re-learn basics in few minutes and you're pro enough by the end-game.

  • ironhelixironhelix fairfield, OHPosts: 448Member
    I just started playing again too. It's fun... it's not anywhere near as challenging as it once was, but it's giving me something to do while there isn't anything else I want to play. You simply cannot argue with the smoothness of gameplay, and the amount of content that WoW offers. I am totally baffled as to how no other developer has managed to replicate the success that Blizzard has acheived here. It's not really a secret why WoW is successful, yet no one else seems to be able to offer something different, but based on the same development ideals. 
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