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Anyone else thrilled they admitted the RMAH was a flop?

BlueTiger33BlueTiger33 La Crosse, WIMember Posts: 158
Anyone else thrilled they at least owned up to their mistakes? I'm glad they've officially put it in the "black and white" that the RMAH pretty much ruined D3.


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  • InfinityDInfinityD Long Beach, CAMember Posts: 33
    I just hope they find a way to fix it. I really wanted to like D3.
  • FonclFoncl Member Posts: 257 Uncommon
    Sure but it doesn't make much of a difference, there's so much wrong with that game. One of their biggest selling points for the expansion will be "we removed the RMAH so now the game is awesome", it will take much more than that to fix the game though :/
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