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Best Classes for Solo/Group PVE & PVP

LokiCoderLokiCoder Blacksburg, VAPosts: 2Member
Which classes are best for Solo PVE, Group PVE, Solo PVP, and Group PVP? 

I've set up a table with ratings for each of these four categories, but I have no idea how to rate each class. If you have any opinions on this, do me a favor and rate each class


  • KuinnKuinn MestaPosts: 2,072Member Uncommon

    I really think that today it really doesent matter, what mostly matters is the style of class you like. I mean, back in vanilla and somewhat in TBC too there were big differences with classes, differences like mage being able to do huge aoe and rogue could not do aoe at all in any form.


    These days every class can do everything, sure there are playstyle differences, and when we really start to broke down the math there is number differences, but not so much to actually pick some classes way above everything else. I could be wrong, I havent played MoP at all and quit Cata way before pandaland, but this was my impression the last time I played. No need to put down a class choise based on it's shortcomings I guess.

  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne YorkshirePosts: 3,101Member Uncommon
    I've recently leveled every class and, without a doubt, fury warrior was the slowest killer with the least survivall, especially 1-40. Worst at solo pve from a leveling pov anyway.

    That's the main issue right there; each class has 3 or 4 specs that drastically change their mechanics and how they perform. You need account for every specialisation, not every class.... Then there's glyphs as well, one glyph can turn a demo warlock into a tank, totally changing how the class is played and what it can do.
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