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Why the PvP is awesomely fun and what balance really is.

slicknslim88slicknslim88 Norfolk, VAPosts: 394Member

Lots of chatter about PvP and the balance issues in Neverwinter.  First off, I really enjoyed Beta 3.  Was the first time I've played the game, and I knew absolutely nothing about the game prior to trying it.  In fact, I only learned about the game Thursday night, and got ahold of a key off of MMORPG and figured I'd try it.  I never stopped playing it throughout the weekend.  Not a lot of games do that for me.

I played a LOT of 10-19 level PvP bracket, so anything higher than 19 when it comes to PvP is foreign to me, but it's also foreign to most people.  I wager most players got a taste of the PvP in this level bracket.  So balance may change DRASTICALLY in increased levels, but thats beside the point.  I've come to understand the ROLES of every class and what they can bring to a team.  Level doesn't change that all that much.  I played rogue and guardian warrior quite a bit in PvP

Now than, lets get down to the brass tacks.  I'm seeing a lot of "OMGzorz, rogues OP, class imbalanced, game sucks sucks suuuuuux!!" or something along those lines.  So the biggest complaint is class balance in PvP. 

First off, class balance.  But what is balance anyway?  People who complain about rogues view balance as "Who can win in a 1v1 fight."  And they are absolutely correct that rogues are imbalanced to an extent.  Most of the time, if a rogue knows what he is doing, he can most of the time take any class 1v1 because of hs immense burst damage and decent survivability.  However, in a gametype like Domination 5v5, there is rarely a 1v1 fight, and if there is one, they don't last for very long, somebody else from either team jumps in to help their teammate.

So what other balance is there?  Well, it's hard to say.  Every class has strengths and weaknesses and I know how cliche that is, but it can't be said any other way.  While rogues may be awesome at burst damage, they are really a one trick pony, their Lashing Blade does ridiculous burst dps, but it has a relatively lengthy cooldown, and if somebody manages to dodge it or block it, the damage is negated.  This happens more often than you might think.  So once they blow LB, their sustained damage for their At-Will powers not only is miniscule, but doing it actually leaves you wide open, and rogues are squishy.  Stealth helps a lot with suvivability, and thats why you won't see a rogue with too many deaths.  But the great thing about Domination is that one's K/D ratio doesn't matter.  It's about what a class can bring to a team to help them win the game.  And often times, getting lots of kills doesn't do all that much especially since there are infinite respawns.  For the sake of a massively long post, i'm goin to skip rogues other abilities weaknesses like the dagger throw, as I know somebody will bring that up, I'll address it if somebody does.  Rogues dailies are also not all that good.  Again, bring it up if somebody asks.

So now about the other classes.  I played guardian warrior and I was actually topping leaderboards as him and getting a decent amount of assists.  Why?  because I can take punishment and I had a cleric with me, I could essentially outlast people and push them off of capture points and get 300 points and start gaining my team victory points.  I couldn't take on rogues myself, but i didn't have to, I had help from my team, rogues were rarely a problem.  I didn't kill a lot of people, but I played off my strengths.  My strengths included short cooldowns on my charge and my knee breaker abilities.  My shield hit is also important because it weakens and improves damage to whoever it hits...this is significant, and I found myself doing it CONSTANTLY.  Falcon Strike is also pretty hefty burst dps,

Wizards are great at controlling people and shutting down people, clerics are good at healing people, rogues good at killing people, two handers are good at chasing people, and guardians are great at capping points and being a pest really.

Balance is not who can win a 1v1, it's how useful is a class in winning a match.  And looking at every class, they all have a niche they fill that can lead a team to victory.  In fact, whenever my balanced team faced a team that had 3 or 4 of 1 class, we would always win, even if they were rogues or wizards.

K/D doesn't matter.  It's who wins the match that does.

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