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Comparion to TERA anyone?

RattsRatts Springfield, MAPosts: 48Member

So I played in Beta 2 and 3 now, mostly playing the melee classes.  I don't love the game, but I'm not hating it either.  D&D and Forgotten Realms especially are IPs that I've followed since I was a kid and I'm actually finishing book IV in the Salvatore Neverwinter series now.  I'm a fan and I know I'll play this for at least a bit.

What hit me though, is that this game is really just Tera with a different IP.  So many similarities

  • Arcade combat, Alt breaks you out to use cursor
  • Your class determines your weapons and style, and you can't change them out
  • Completely linear story line, no variation for race, class, etc
  • Predicatble 'kill x' style questing
If anything, just as a pure gaming experience, Tera is probably a leg up since most classes don't root for combat and evading is more dynamic (not to mention the superior art and engine).
I had bought Tera at launch and stopped playing after the first month because I knew it was F2P quality and would go there eventually.  Aside from preferring the NW IP, I can't think of any way it's actually a better or much different game.
Anyone else been thinking the same or similar?


  • RandaynRandayn Sellersville, PAPosts: 904Member Uncommon

    There is actually a huge difference....


    Mob location and story make sense...not just some random weird looking mob with a funny name just randomly occupying some spot on the map :P


    That was what stopped me from wanting to play didnt make sense....the main story was okay...but everything around it was discombobulated mumbo jumbo

  • bnxbanditbnxbandit quezon cityPosts: 23Member
    I really don't like comparing two MMORPGs and saying one its better as a whole but if you compare them in terms of combat, questing, story, etc., its a different thing. Now as for Tera, it can be a comparison to other MMORPGs too and the "kill x" style questing came from a long line of MMORPGs before Tera. So comparing questing won't make either both better. Same goes for the linear storyline, gear determines class, and the non tab-target action combat. Yes their similar but both of them are also similar to other MMORPGs. I cannot say Tera is "a leg up" because for one thing, Neverwinter is still in beta. Other reasons may include because the global chat in Tera is, no offense, full of trolls. I shall compare them when Neverwinter is officially released. Although I will say Tera has better graphics, but imho graphics don't tell how good an MMORPG is.
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