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Looking for a new solid MMO

SyanisSyanis Minneapolis, MNPosts: 121Member Uncommon

I'm looking for a new solid MMO. Something where grouping is promoted, game isn't already stale and old with a rapidly declining population, variety of class's that fit unique roles.


Games I played and loved EQ1, EQ2, Vanguard, DAoC, WoW Classic.


I tend to like games with a wide variety where grouping is prefered especially leveling. Very boring soling to max level and only endgame grouping especially when you see everything up to end game is empty. I recently tried Rift but very declining population and people just solo level up. There is *grouping* but more of solo style grouping (instant adventure). I love having a social aspect and finding regular group mates. I prefer a bit of a grind, don't like starting a new char and being able to grind to max level in a few days or even close to max level. Needs a solid population and not be so dusty noone bothers with lower level content anymore.


Game MUST have some level of challenge.

SW:tor, WoW after classic, rift, and many others just seemed to have no real challenge. Also games life Rift and SW:Tor felt like little replayability as SW:tor same exact stuff again and class's feel almost the same. Rift is a bit to broad in its soul system so 2 toons max and you feel like you can be top notch at every role, no need for another toon... 4 max for Rift.


  • benseinebenseine HaarlemPosts: 243Member Uncommon

    If you are looking for a challence then try out Darkfall: Unholy Wars when it comes out. It's a brutal game pvp- and pve wise:

    - ffa pvp with full loot, plus friendly fire

    - mobs don't stand still till you get too close. They see you from really far away and attack you.

    - the big scary dragon most mmo's have isn't sitting in a cave and rubs his tail in your face when you get too close. It's flying high up in the sky and roams around and if you don't see it comming you'll get hit by some big fire balls.

    The average mmorpg player will be scared to leave the city. In this kind of games guilds/groups of players become a very tight knit. And I think that is just what you are looking for. Enjoying the beta atm :)

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