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Super Noob Question

djnestrickdjnestrick DeLand, FLPosts: 43Member

I love DDO and have playing it on and off for years. Meanwhile, I just became aware of Neverwinter. I already signed up for the 3rd beta weekend using a MMORPG key. Is Neverwinter a continuation/upgrade of DDO (kind of like EQ1/EQ2) or something completely different? Will my prior time in DDO be helpful? How faithful to the D&D rulesets is the game?



  • Alber_gamerAlber_gamer RomePosts: 588Member Uncommon

    In a nutshell, the game is similar, but unlike DDO you also have outworld quests to progress through the levels, you don't solely level out of completing dungeon objectives. NWO is based in fourth edition and won't be as close to the Pen and Paper rules as DDO is. You will see big damage numbers, and stats like attack speed or critical rating.


    NWO ships with the Foundry, a tool that allows anyone to create dungeons and publish them for everyone to play and rate. This is the true key feature of NWO, that the most optimistic of us hope that will provide endless amounts of fun.

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  • FionFion Montour Falls, NYPosts: 2,348Member Uncommon
    I'm looking forward to tooling around with the foundry this weekend (assuming it'll be available.) I'm still rather miffed this is an MMOG and that as such there will be no player-made mods/assets that made the earlier NWN games so great with communities that are still around today. But I hope at least the foundry is strong enough to allow the community to make some really interesting adventures. From what I have seen it seems exceptionally limited (one location per adventure, all dungeons). Time will tell.


  • HironHiron BristolPosts: 49Member

    Lol NW is nothing like DDO. I played DDO so much. The dungeon design is THE best on the market. But NW is like a 3d Diablo . Not to be compared. If you want something close to D&D rules like DDO dont play NW. Only play it for the lore/setting.

    DDO is much much deeper with character customization, they stay closer to the rules. NW Character customization is shallow and more like console hack and slash.

    And the biggest difference: The dungeons. The tons of puzzles, narrator while questing, variety of traps and secrets in DDO, dont expect too much of it in NW.

    The only thing I like about NW? The combat. You are always active and less clunky than DDO.

    If you expect a DDO 2. I can tell you it isnt. But it might be worth your time if you really like the story/lore of Neverwinter. If you play for gameplay, not so much.

    Also there is a foundry with user generated content. This COULD save the game, but because of the NDA there isnt much info about it. You can play the foundry quests this weekend. Im gonna try the foundry and hope it can succeed where the developers fail. Creating a non generic, fun and well designed dungeon.

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