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PoE review: rating 4/10

MustarastasMustarastas TurkuPosts: 79Member Uncommon

Here is an honest review of one of the newest games that claims to be an mmorpg.



Doesnt cost a thing



-Trading is backwads. When did the game development go backwards in development? No auction house? Currencies are extremely random?!? Everything requires hours of shouting/forum stalking. Very unintuitive system.

-Crafting is insanely expensive. You have to spend months grinding to get 1 good piece of gear.

-Everything is random based. Crafting, Drops, Map Drops are all random based.


I didnt want to make the post too long for it to be boring. I have played for 2 months and think that this game is not worth spending time at.


Overall rating 4/10 for very bad game.


  • VonatarVonatar Posts: 720Member Uncommon
    Reviews require some degree of objectivity, none of which I see here. This is just a whine with a number at the end.
  • spladianspladian st paul, MNPosts: 20Member

    The game is 100 times better than D3 ever was. The currency system is actually brilliant, but does take a little bit to figure out how it works.


    Crafting is only insanely expensive until you figure out all the hidden mechanics in the game to make aquiring said currency eaiser.


    Typical example are the seemingly worthless white drops that have red/green/blue linked sockets. Pick those up, because you can sell them to the vendor for a Chromatic orb.

  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne YorkshirePosts: 3,101Member Uncommon

    Well, a review put on here for no reason other than to say the game is bad is usually associated with hating.. and I agree. Because you havn't justified why you don't like it, it's obvious you just came here to say you think it's crap.. and that's all.

    It's fine that you hate it, if you didn't like it then you didn't like it, but trying to spread that hate for the reason of more hate is.. strange.

    It's not a review. Just a random low number and an opinion. No one else can draw conclusions about the game based on what you said, other than 'you' don't like it.

    You see:

    -Trading is backwads.

    If trading was backwards.. people would give you money to take their items off them..? Wouldn't they?

    No auction house is just that, no auction house. Some like it, some don't. Subjective.

    -Crafting is insanely expensive.

    This game doesn't even have crafting. It has gambling.

    -Everything is random based.

    Why is this a bad thing? Subjective and it's a 'feature'. There's an audience for this sort of thing.

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