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Lost MMORPG'er Needs Help

aloronaloron Altamonte Springs, FLPosts: 3Member

Hello Everyone,

I am not a shame to admit that I am in my mid 30's and I still play computers games .. But I am running into a wall here and need some advice .. I get PC Gamer every month for years and there has been much out there that has caught my eye and stuff I have played it only goes so far ..

My goto game has and always be Eveonline been playing for over 5 years now and dont plan on stoping anytime soon. The reason behind that is when you think your getting close to "end game" CCP adds more cool content that makes you want to keep playing or try something else that you never though of tring. I also like the games because if I work at something for 3 hours I feel at the end of those 3 hours I am closer to my goal ..

I started out with DAOC playing a caster, EQ, EQ2, WarHammer, WOW, Aion, Linage 2, Guild Wars, Star Trek, Star Wars, Tera and many others. The trouble I have had with most of these games either they look like ***** or you hit end game and then what ??? The trouble I have with Eveonline is I miss playing a caster, I love playing my Sorc in Aion, but NCsoft ***** crafting to the point where I dont want to play anymore. But what drove me to play Aion was it looks so "pretty" and the game play and had me playing since first beta up until the last expansion pack.

So guess what I am looking for is something that looks really good, has a great crafting program, keeps your instert and lets you feel like your accompantion something in game and not just spinning your wheels to do something or craft something and of crouse is fun to play ..


Thanks for any advice ..


  • SephirosoSephiroso Marietta, GAPosts: 1,330Member Uncommon
    here's some advice, learn to use spacing. aint nobody got time to try and read that block of text

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  • AeonZenAeonZen North Bay, ONPosts: 43Member
    Hey welcome. I don't have much experience with MMOs to be honest, but Guild Wars 2 and TERA are both well polished, beautiful environments. Whether they are good or bad games, well that is up to the gamer. I haven't played any other MMOs that look "prettier" than those two.
  • AeliousAelious OregonPosts: 3,379Member Uncommon
    You mentioned GW, have you played GW2? The way questing and exploring is presented it's a breath of fresh air. There are a few "caster" classes and you can build out in a few different ways no matter what class you play.

    Don't worry about age and games, you are actually in the target demographic... Just like me :)
  • aloronaloron Altamonte Springs, FLPosts: 3Member
    Originally posted by Aelious
    You mentioned GW, have you played GW2? The way questing and exploring is presented it's a breath of fresh air. There are a few "caster" classes and you can build out in a few different ways no matter what class you play.

    Don't worry about age and games, you are actually in the target demographic... Just like me :)

    Hi Aelious,

    I played GW2 during beta testing and it was so/so .. havent really talked to or seen anything after that .. but have been temped to try it .. but I didnt think the Guild War games had crafting .. which is also something I like to do .. My guy in Aion is wearing a rare set of crafted gear ..

  • DuenpwnsuDuenpwnsu West Hills, CAPosts: 6Member
    I am in the same predicament as you, my friend. GW2 was a really great game, but if there is a game that has nothing to offer end game, GW2 is that game. Leveling was really fun and I totally enjoyed it and looked forward to playing it for many years to come expecting some crazy end game content only to be severely dissapointed and quitting within a month or so after hitting level cap on one single character. I never really tried the PvP only because my friend told me about it and it didn't really grab my attention. I like PvE over PvP anyways. All there is to do as of now end game is dungeons. 5 man dungeons. The dungeons are challenging, however once you've completed them a few times they become a joke. Especially if you're running them with friends over and over. They have legendaries you can recieve for a lot of hard work but I was swayed when I looked the items up on google and found they have nothing to offer stats wise. It's all for the look which to me seems like a waste of time. As far as the 5 man dungeons, there is really only one worth doing because that is the only one you can get any form of upgrades out of and honestly, they aren't much better than anything you can buy. You can't use your PvE gear for anything besides PvE either. I kinda just hit a brick wall playing it. IMO, don't waste $50 or whatever it costs now. Wait til more content is released or until a better game is released.

    cool story brahsef

  • AeliousAelious OregonPosts: 3,379Member Uncommon
    I played Aion for the first year and crafting indeed was a huge part of the game. The randomness though was a bit daunting to say the least. I imagine people had there own "routines" after hitting the craft button like before a football team's field goal. Eyes closed, toes crossed and singing some show toon... hey, It's only crazy if it doesn't work right? :)

    Anywho GW2 does have crafting and is a lot different than GW. I haven't played with it much but you can play around with recipes just by dropping items into the interface. You can also do each type of craft though you can only have one active. You just freeze your progress in one trade if you switch to another.

    It's worth the money IMO if your looking for a new spin in on the standard model with some extra goodies. Just to be sure I would check out some YouTube videos if you're interested. Good luck finding something you like!
  • SyanisSyanis Minneapolis, MNPosts: 121Member Uncommon
    Seems like us old school gamers are a bit out of luck. Games these days just aren't built to last like DAoC, EQ, and EQ2. I'm in the same boat and GW2 is just to damn easy and dead end. Other games been out so long they are long dead and only a handful don't realize it. I'm in desperate need of a new game also and same age bracket, just around a little longer it sounds like.
  • steelwindsteelwind Posts: 352Member Uncommon

    IMHO us old schoolers and those whom are a fan of Eve, there is only one option..... just hold tight for Archeage. For me personally, this is the only game with a feature set that suits what I have been craving from MMO's for years.  Everything else is still cloning some other title and heavy themepark which always equates to only a few months of gameplay before moving on.

    While everyone's needs are different, if you crave depth and a game that has a high potencial of long term commitment, there is only one option.

  • TheocritusTheocritus Gary, INPosts: 4,999Member Rare
    I dunno...The vids I have seen for Archeage certainly dont make it look anything special.
  • benseinebenseine HaarlemPosts: 243Member Uncommon
    If you want something "pretty" and with alot of crafting then wait for ArcheAge. But beware, atm there is almost no item sink so crafting is kinda broken for the long run since at it's current state everybody will own everything and economy will crumble.
  • aloronaloron Altamonte Springs, FLPosts: 3Member

    Thank You everyone for the great advice ..

    But as much as I hate to say it still not getting anywhere .. I have heard of Archage but know thing about it so will look into it more ..

    As for the other games like DAOC, EQ, and EQ2 .. but biggest trouble with those was I must atleast hlaf a dazon guys for both all max crafters, all max gear .. so what do you do after that ?? its the same with Aion , I love the way Aion looks its nice looking .. Its the first game other than Eve Online that makes you stop playing to just look around at the world, the people, and stuff like that .. I am just upset because the crafting is just beyound hard , and when you log you feel like its a routine .. goto point A do this, point b do this and so on .. you dont feel like your playing and making yourself better .. Atleast in Eve if I go mining I know I am alittle closer to building that new ship, or if I go mission running I might lose the ship I am flying or because better at flying at ..

    But as much as I like Eve I do miss my casters .. It was fun in DAOC playing my therg and launching little guys after things, or Aion with my spells that might one shot someone in pvp ..


    I just wish there was a game like Eve Online but was like DAOC or Aion .. Never ending, looking great, and made you feel like after a couple hours of play it was worth it ..


    Please keep the advice , pay day is this coming Firday and so far onlying I might do is get Guild War 2 .. not sure what else to try or do ..


    Thanks ..

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