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[Column] General: Getting that Spotlight

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,949MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Independent game development is all the rage these days, with some of the biggest names in games history taking part. But what about the smaller guys? In today's Independency, we take a look at how they need to get that spotlight. See what we've got to say before leaving your thoughts in the comments.

Indie development can be a nightmare. Ask anyone who has had a failed Kickstarter. It's a lot of blood, sweat, tears and sitting around in whatever room is available to you. It's hard work with minimal reward (unless you just so happen to make it big like Mojang or some such). And as optimistic as I'd like to be about this sort of things, let's face it: for every indie developer that makes it, there are probably ten that shrug and go back to their day jobs. Now, picture trying to deal with all of that and the creation of a god-honest MMO.

Read more of Cassandra Khaw's Independency: Getting that Spotlight.



  • MumboJumboMumboJumbo LondonPosts: 3,219Member Uncommon
  • kb056kb056 redford, MIPosts: 423Member Common
    The original "Indy" game was SWG:PreCU.
  • DarkcrystalDarkcrystal Posts: 961Member Uncommon

    Psh.. go back to there day job? Then they aren't really artists at all, most indies who have any buisness sense find other ways to make money with there talent like play the market, Iphone games are so popular and are huge right now, umm selling any kind of art, 3D Models, Textures, Logos , Web skins , make small scale  flash games, do contract work etc...


    I'm huge on all of this and been doing if for many years, making MMo's it's a gamble and foolish for a first or second game that's for sure. Most people who set up kickstarter aren't set up properly so that's why they fail, get a good demo ready , and have alot of proper game design Docs ready, and a good rewards for donating etc, those are a few ways, I hate when I see Indies say its so hard I quit, if it was easy , everyone would be doing it...


    Good post by the way though this is so true that happens.

  • JasonJJasonJ New Port Richey, FLPosts: 395Member

    So, why doesnt ramp up indie coverage?!?

    So yeah...start getting gaming websites to start talking about it and suddenly you may find more indies make it on kickstarter...then again, maybe not if they cant think outside the small box the genre is stuck in.

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