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teratyateratya Dickinzcider, MIPosts: 343Member Uncommon

I love what I read about crafting as it seems it will be built so that even the most casual of crafters (like me) can enjoy themselves and get into it.

The only question I was left with was will there be a harvesting system in place to procure the needed raw materials to craft? Or will it all be obtained by purchasing/finding/looting it?

I love the harvesting in games like Vanguard and Istaria/Horizons. Felt it almost added an entire sphere to focus on in each of those games. Any news on this?

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  • azarhalazarhal Somewhere, BCPosts: 1,077Member Uncommon

    You just have to loot crates/chest, dead bodies or plants. Don't expect any harvesting skills though, the TES single player games don't have any.

    I suspect you will be able to buy some items from merchants as well. As for player trading, player to player is in (confirmed by interview today), other form of trading are "up in the air" right now (dev didn't want to comment in the video I saw today).

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