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[Interview] Dark Age of Camelot: Wayback Wednesday - Rolling Albion in DAOC

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe Land of AZPosts: 18,329MMORPG.COM Staff Rare

Wayback Wednesday is back with another fantastic game session and interview with the Dark Age of Camelot team. This is the eleventh episode and the team is ready for some RvR game play. See how it all panned out and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Last week on Wayback Wednesday I continued my adventure on Grakuleaver the reaver for the forces of Albion in Dark Age of Camelot. This was the 11th episode of our 12 episode arc and we participated in RvR in Cathal Valley. This week I was joined by Talal Saad associate producer for EA/Mythic and John Thornhill Mythic developer extraordinaire. I also had a super secret agent embedded in my party that no longer works for Mythic but is near and dear to a lot of your hearts. I will let you watch the episode and figure out who it is, and he even brought his wife along.

Check out more of Rob Lashley's Wayback Wednesday: Wayback Wednesday - Rolling Albion in DAOC.


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  • adam_noxadam_nox hays, KSPosts: 2,042Member Uncommon
    f2p already for gawds sake.
  • VinterkrigVinterkrig BOSTON, MAPosts: 1,660Member Uncommon
    i miss old school camelot
  • OgreRaperOgreRaper Detroit, MIPosts: 376Member
    Originally posted by adam_nox
    f2p already for gawds sake.

    Yeah, the population is so small now, there is nowhere to go but up by going F2P.

  • RobbgobbRobbgobb Dallas, TXPosts: 454Member Uncommon
    This game must be a site favorite for how often I see it in Way back Wednesday. I don't see any other game as much. It is still one of my favorites.
  • supergfunksupergfunk Laurinburg, NCPosts: 95Member Uncommon

    This game will never be f2p and I'm glad, the f2p model is soo screwed up for most games you would come out cheaper paying a sub anyways.


    I still play DAoC,  it's one of the only games i've ever played that can keep me playing for any long period of time....Long live DAoC!


  • ComafComaf Chicago, ILPosts: 1,154Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by supergfunk

    This game will never be f2p and I'm glad, the f2p model is soo screwed up for most games you would come out cheaper paying a sub anyways.


    I still play DAoC,  it's one of the only games i've ever played that can keep me playing for any long period of time....Long live DAoC!


  • vkejaivkejai walesPosts: 96Member Common
    I would deffo go back to Daoc if it went F2p which it should have many years ago imho.
  • Bicknell55Bicknell55 Diamond Springs, CAPosts: 73Member Uncommon
    My wife & I came back two weeks ago after a several yr in other MMOS,,, DAOC is still the best!!! of he Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • VendacVendac Sauk City, WIPosts: 39Member

    As a long time player, right around 9 years, all I can say is what a crock....

    At about 12 minutes he talks about the Archery changes.  This is widely regarded as the beginning of the end by many long time players.  I remember talking with Nimblejack about this change and how he and the rest of the Archer class TLs at that time pleaded with Mythic NOT to put this change through.  They did it anyway.  Then I clearly remember Mythic owning up to the fact a few months later about how it was not well thought out and should have been tested more but how it was too late to go back.  Go figure.  It also had the effect of changing the entire dynamic of the archer class from an archer, to nothing but a caster with stealth.  It also easy moded out templating archer classes as you ONLY needed to worry about dexterity instead of a combination of roughly 250 quickness and then dexterity to determine weaponskill and damage.

    Lets go down this wormhole a bit more:

    Lets look at the weapon lines and how they changed them and made them all the same after a fashion.  Another bad change.  Look at how they generalized all the the casting lines giving all kinds of things to different casters that never had them.  Then we will throw on the ability for grouped stealthers to effectively see each other which only made skillless stealth zerging noobs even more prevelent as it suddenly became very easy for them to coordinate efforts.  Lets look at NF a sec too.  Keep changes were waranted at some levels as some noobs couldnt climb a ladder, so they put handicap accessible ramps in for everyone.  Same goes with the bridges.  That change killed alot of visibles running solo that do not have speed as there was no cover for anyone other than humping a keep.

    It used to be there was many different levels of play, solo, small group, 8 man, siege/zerg.  Now the entire game has been tailored toward nothing but a zergfest by largely a bunch of RR12 bads running around farming each other.

    2006 was a bad year for Mythic...


    You cant fix stupid - Ron White

  • staranstaran ottawa, ONPosts: 86Member Uncommon
    Played daoc in beta. Played when it came out.
    Quit in the first month. Too buggy. Went back a few years later. Totally awesome!
    Class imbalance was hilarious though.
    Then when artifacts came out I quit again. Never went back.
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