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A come back to LOTRO

wasim470wasim470 damasPosts: 243Member


I started Lotro when Moria came out, i played the game for long years after mostly ON and OFF till 65 and i left it almost 2 years ago, as my Kin turned to full social guild and they didn't do any Content.

now i want to comeback, but i did note that you need to buy a lot of stuff using TP, so this raised some concerns.

My questions are:

- if i subscribe for VIP access will i need to buy anything at all ??? ( like the coins for summoning your soldier in the open -world, or Balance coins )

- when i left lotro it was due to me not understanding how the end game worked and when i reached 65 i felt like i have nothing left to do, did that change ? did i get it wrong ? did Rohan change how the endgame works ?

- one more thing, i play on Snowburn and i need a nice Kin, as i noticed that most of the kins on the forms are now Dead ( you can tell from how old the latest news posted on their websites ), is there a recommended place or website to find a kin that suites me?


Thank you for the help,


  • Po_ggPo_gg Twigwarren, WestfarthingPosts: 3,660Member Rare

    I'm probably not the best to answer since I mostly play social and not the endgame (and you left for the same reason :) ) but my 2 cents...

    The first thing you should check is your account. If you're a Snowbourner and left 2 years ago which was before the server transfer, the main question: did you merge your account to Turbine? If that's checked, the rest:

    - if you're a vip, you only need to buy the expansions. There are Store-only things (mostly boosts, and a few advantage items), but as a vip you'll get 500TP stipend every month, which is usually enough for them, and you can live very well without them as well. If you don't spend those 500 TPs, in a few months you accumulate enough to buy Isengard and Rohan via TP, so basically got them for free. Skirmish soldier tokens are available in-game, so the TP version is only an addition / convenience.

    - endgame is the (sadly) common endgame grind... back at Moria it was the Moria instas, Hele, and maybe School/Library, plus the LI grind. It didn't changed much with the expansions, only you have now more places to grind :) And with Rohan arrived Hytbold so even the solo players have something to grind too :)

    - kin, I'm sure there are stil endgame focused kins (though I think I saw my favourite kin name right on Snowbourn, the Not A Raiding kin :) ) you should ask around on Global, folks are pretty friendly.

  • trancejeremytrancejeremy St. Louis, MOPosts: 1,222Member Uncommon

    VIP doesn't really provide much. I think a couple of character slots, access to the regions between the Lonelands and Moria, and a couple of cosmetic slots. And 500 TP a month.


    So yeah, you'd have to buy the two expansions after Mirkwood - Isengard and Rohan. And the landscape soldier thing costs I think 100 TP for an hour. Definitely not something very cost effective.


    I'm not even close to getting to Rohan, as this game has such slow leveling unless you live in it, but apparently you have some instances (just released) and a thing where you do daily quests to rebuild a town. (Another reason I am in no rush to get to level cap)


    I've never found a guild in this game, much less a nice one. Tried on the official boards a couple times, never had any luck. So beats me how people find them. Never see any recruit.

    R.I.P. City of Heroes and my 17 characters there

  • CorebolCorebol BirminghamPosts: 4Member

    VIP will give you quest access to zones like Enedwaith and the Great River besides the pre-Moria zones. These two zones are very useful for levelling from 60-75.

    Landscape soldiers are probably only needed if you choose to solo group content like some of the tougher rare mobs or areas like Limlight Gorge. Personally I have a number of L85 characters and have never used a landscape soldier.

    There is a lot more XP in the game now from Tasks and Crafting.

    There are Kins advertising on my server (Eldar).

  • ComstrikeComstrike Bowling Green, OHPosts: 21Member

    Or if you want to start or transfer to Landroval, would welcome you!

    Founder, Leader, LOTRO - SW.ToR (Yes, we are recruiting)

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