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Dragon's Prophet: Closed Beta March 19th

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,038MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Infernum Games has announced that closed beta for the EU version of Dragon's Prophet will begin on March 19th. Sony Online Entertainment has also indicated that the NA version of Dragon's Prophet will begin testing the same day. Beta testers will be able to check out four of the game's zones and provide feedback to developers. 

From Infernum Games:

For Closed Beta, the doors of Auratia, the world of Dragon’s Prophet, will be opened to a limited number of participants. However, there will be further opportunities to play the game during upcoming stress tests, granting a wider pool of access to allow Infernum to test the stability and performance of its European servers. Feedback from players on the official forum will also be an important factor for our Game Improvement team, helping to ensure that the next steps for Dragon’s Prophet are as smooth as possible. These special operations will be announced early enough to give Dragon’s Prophet enthusiasts enough time to prepare themselves.

From Sony Online Entertainment:

Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) announced that the Closed Beta testing period for free-to-play, online virtual world Dragon’s Prophet is scheduled to begin in North America on Tuesday, March 19, 2013. Beta players will soon be able to battle with and against hundreds of distinct dragons, as they adventure through the vast, diverse realm of Auratia.

Find out more on the Dragon's Prophet EU site or the Dragon's Prophet NA site.



  • MontaronxMontaronx SchiedamPosts: 268Member Uncommon
    Now gimme a key! :)


  • BillMurphyBillMurphy Managing Editor Berea, OHPosts: 3,670MMORPG.COM Staff Epic
    Pretty stoked to see how it works.  I hear good things from the EU players.

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  • mcrippinsmcrippins Dallas, TXPosts: 1,241Member Uncommon
    looks fun
  • moguy2moguy2 Saint Peters, MOPosts: 337Member

    Do they have Panda's? /chuckle


  • evilastroevilastro EdinburghPosts: 4,270Member
    Hoping I get into this, been on my radar for a while. Looks very interesting.
  • FiredornFiredorn Montreal, QCPosts: 93Member
    I'm sorry, I have not yet seen my beta key...did you eat it?
  • itchmonitchmon west islip, NYPosts: 1,787Member Uncommon
    Sony is labeling it virtual world as opposed to mmorpg. If this is true (never a sure thing w sony) its awesome... one of my fav "games" being the virtual world eve

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  • 1dragonspell1dragonspell Vernon, BCPosts: 4Member Uncommon
  • redcap036redcap036 AdelaidePosts: 1,226Member Uncommon

    Yes please I would luv a key.


  • fariah033fariah033 sonora, CAPosts: 22Member Uncommon
    Please a key :)
  • Monstre0auSMonstre0auS SydneyPosts: 46Member

    I signed up for the NA beta event but as of yet, have not received a beta key, and when I sign into the account, it doesn't state or specify how to check on your account status on the beta.


    I hate SoE for their annoying page layout, but I hate them even more for making me want to play this to the point I'm checking emails every hour to see if anything has changed. ~.~

  • fariah033fariah033 sonora, CAPosts: 22Member Uncommon
    Hoping to get a key!!!
  • vitobotvitobot barcelonaPosts: 1Member Common
    this beta wil be very strick at the begining, we should get our keys ina month or two the earliest
  • emperionemperion SALT LAKE CITY, UTPosts: 23Member

    A key would be very nice. :-)

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