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DAoC Questions for Wayback Wednesday

GrakulenGrakulen Staff WriterSt. Charles, MOPosts: 798MMORPG.COM Staff Rare

Put your questions for DAoC Wayback Wednesday for the Albion NF here.



  • JetairlinesJetairlines Bloomington, INPosts: 1Member
    Any chance of adjusting certain artifacts to fit certain classes better, example mad scalers for healers
  • lakoozlakooz New Boston, OHPosts: 2Member
    Is there possibly a chance that we can get the Instance limit warning lifted instead of using Mojo or Lottacam to open more than 2 instances of Dark Age of Camelot. 
  • mind1337mind1337 nantesPosts: 1Member

    If you could chose classes from all 3 realms, what would be your ultimate full group composition for RvR ? 


    Are they satisfied with the PvP balancing at early battlegrounds, what comes to my mind are theurgists and minstrels especially.


    Are they aware that it is actually impossible to create sylvans issue that came with the latest patch?


    What do they think about Camelot Unchained?


    Are you guys thinking about implementing the Old Emain RvR map or Cathal Valley for level 50's in the future?


  • slzrslzr MPosts: 3Member

    Any chance we'll get to see some behind the scenes mechanics and calculations for things that have only been estimated or is simply unknown by the playerbase?

    For example we've known about dexterety breakpoints for castingspeed for a few years now but we really only know them for some spells at some dexterity ranges. Only official answer we've got is from an old grab bag that has been proven wrong. Thoughts?

  • KazoWARKazoWAR Eloise, FLPosts: 4Member

    When can players create inconnu Wizards? There are inconnu wizard npc in the tutorial.

  • slzrslzr MPosts: 3Member
    Any reason we don't have a cure nearsight in BGs? Nearsight is incredibly OP when there's no way to deal with it.
  • ExzyzExzyz LinkopingPosts: 70Member Uncommon
    Why is there only pussies playing Alb?
  • slzrslzr MPosts: 3Member

    Guild emblems for new guilds.... It's a mess.


    Oh and please fix Thane / Heretic spell pierce buffs ;)

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