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The Adventures of Clay Jug

bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,957Member Rare
Just casual morning. Wake up, eat some steamed bread, have a drink of wine. I decided to head down to  the Qaindeng Town market. I took a look for any good deals, but didn't see any for anything that I need.
I then made my way to my shop to see what sold lastnight. It turns out that I had listed a few copper swords for 28 wen, instead of 28 liang. I'm sure those went real quick.  Eh, it happens to the best of us. It could have been much worse. Time to grow some silk worms.
Off to the fields I go. It was still pretty early. I was able to get to a nice little spot with about 10 rearing stands. Those are what you see below my shuolder. The early bird catches the worm, hah. 
Everything's going smooth, growing, harvesting, and drinking. About 20 minutes passes, and I start to see people making there way in. A couple getting off the stage coach, a few talking to the farming supply merchat. All is well. 
A couple minutes later I hear, "I didn't...." I was paying much attention. Then I hear, "Please don't kill me." I look over and see A intenal capped guy standing on a cart, using a Jianhu skill on a lower internal girl. As she started to run, the skill would yank and knock her down. She was getting weak. *I took an oath to protect the weak. When I joined the Beggers Sect. I can not let this happen* image
I put down my wine and flew over. As landed, I spit my wine into the face of the bad guy, just like the Drunken Master. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, I swung my staff. Wiff, whiff, whiff, I miss *oh shit*. A couple seconds later I laying almost  uncounsious.
The bad guy looked at me like image. I said "Noble begger rescuing the poor girl. RP lmao Idk where it came from" The bad gave back a "LMFAO." We both chatted and laughed for a good minute. He ended up sending me a friend invite, with a

"See you around mate." 



By the way the girl got away image


  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,957Member Rare
    Taking the stagecoach to Chengdu now. I figure I'll beg a little outside the bank. Hope it goes better than last time.
  • DarkfallFanaticDarkfallFanatic Lake Moho, INPosts: 96Member

    Nice writeup! 


    Myself, I decided it was a good day to use my alchemist workshop (evil laugh). My plan was to make the best medicine for Jianghu that money could buy! 


    200L later I ended up with all the ingredients needed. So, I began my ventures to Yanjing and my first time operating a workshop. 



    ^ Me standing beside my gigantic cauldron


    While enjoying the Yanjing countryside I managed to make a ton of hearty hp meds for my future PvP endeavors. Good times.

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