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Official German Facebook Page and Newsletter Sign-Up

Storm_FirebladeStorm_Fireblade FlensburgPosts: 156Member

As most of you already heard, City State Entertainment announced their partnership with Curious Factory, including former Mythic employee Ayaka Hahn. Despite some misunderstandings, it is not CF´s job to become some sort of publisher. Instead, the main task at hand is to promote the game in Europe and Asia, help with the translations as well as establishing a community.

I have personally been allowed to take upon the honor to work as the german community manager. I would like to ask those of you, being german speaking as well, to take a look at our official german facebook page and  give us a like there. We will use this site as a channel to provide you with links to translations as well as specific informations regarding the german community:

We will set up an official site with basic german content, when the Kickstarter is launched and provide you with links to additional informations out there.

Furthermore I would like to ask you to sign up for the german newsletter as well:

That way, we will be able to start creating some ways to gauge the interest in the german community.

We do know that some of the design and channels still need some polishing and this is, of course, something we are working on. But please feel free to send me a message at any time, should you have something on your mind regarding the german community.

Thank you very much.

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  • Storm_FirebladeStorm_Fireblade FlensburgPosts: 156Member
    We did set up a twitter account as well during the weekend and we are going to keep you posted there too from now on, hoping the kickstarter might benefit from that :)

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  • MightyPitMightyPit StuttgartPosts: 90Member Uncommon

    Congratulation for your new role, Storm_Fireblade, wish you all the best!

    Great that someone real dedicated to CU  is our community manager :)

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    Looking forward to: Camelot Unchained, Star Citizen

  • Storm_FirebladeStorm_Fireblade FlensburgPosts: 156Member

    Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding:

    For now we are only talking about volunteer community teams, even though Curious Factory is managing these teams. Our main goal is to work closely with CSE/CF and help with the Kickstarter (Translations, Community Feedback, Suggestions etc), so that we might get as many backers for the kickstarter as possible.

    What happens regarding official CSE Community Management, should the game be funded, well that remains to be seen :)

    But thanks anyway :)

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  • PRX_sklurbPRX_sklurb New York, NYPosts: 167Member

    The Germans are coming!

    We keep getting German hits on our site. These guys and gals are ready for war. 

    Bumping thread for a quality guy.    :D

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  • FoggyeFoggye Portland, ORPosts: 96Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by PRX_sklurb
    The Germans are coming! We keep getting German hits on our site. These guys and gals are ready for war.  Bumping thread for a quality guy.    :D

    Yeah, Storm has been very vocal about spreading the word.   His fanpage is pretty well laid out.  Nice to see him try to generate interest, translation and discussion for the Deutsch.


    Yours is pretty decent as well PRX_sklurb.

  • Storm_FirebladeStorm_Fireblade FlensburgPosts: 156Member

    Thanks a lot for the kind words :-)

    I wan´t to emphasize though, that even if I started Simply Gaming on my own and did a lot of groundwork to get this thing going, it has long since become a team effort. There is no way I could offer this quality in design, translation and community work all by myself :-)

    I´m trying to do what I can to support the kickstarter and to build a decent community. But I´m just one guy. Without the whole team, that by now has come together, I couldn´t do that much ever.

    Camelot Unchained Fanpage

  • PRX_sklurbPRX_sklurb New York, NYPosts: 167Member
    LOVE the new forum look at the Simply Gaming site, Storm!

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