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Aldemeri Guild - Order of the Talons

BlencathraBlencathra PAWTUCKET, RIPosts: 2Member

If you are looking for an Aldmeri Guild, with an already active forum, chat and voice chat then feel free to come and check the Order of the Talons out. WE have an organised rank system and also a guild title system which will become active once gameplay begins, such as Rogue Master, Mage Master and others.

We will be active in all areas of ESO gameplay: PvP, PvE, crafting etc. and are looking for members of any of the three races.

Although many of our members are in the US, we also have some in Europe and Australia and we are very interested in increasing the numbers of players from every region of the world: a 24 hour guild is what we would love to see.

So hop on over to and check us out. At this time we just ask that you fill out an application form. However if you would like to ask any questions prior to this feel free to post here or message me so that I can address any concerns that you may have.

Looking forward to being able to welcome you to our ranks.




  • BlencathraBlencathra PAWTUCKET, RIPosts: 2Member

    Hello again all. Thank you for your interest.

    I understand that most hardcore players that are interested in joining a guild this early on may have already chosen another guild, or perhaps some who want to wait until the game is closer to release, however if anyone just wants to ask questions then I will attempt to address any questions or concerns that you may have here, without the obligation of filling out a form to join.


    Looking forward to hearing from any interested parties.

    Come on Beta!!!

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