So many old school DAOC players in one place. Lets sound off our name/server. Maybe reconnect with o



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    Albion - Palomides Server

    Kryllen, Cup - member of Grudge Inc at the time






    Seires - and various other renditions of the same name

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    Kryllen / Cup - Alb/Palo
    Seires - Gaheris and Mid/Kay
    Phoxx/Phsxx - Mid/Ywain

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    /bump to find more old realm mates and enemies

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    Wazluk - Legionnaire of Terminus
    Draken Stalker
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    Axir- Alb fire wiz on Pellinor

    Lots of toons on Pellinor,  Tarranax Paladin, Synge Inf, Sharisha /spell check that later Scout,  


    Ector Hib Bard Syngex

     Am I the only one that wishes CU had some element of PVE? I mean I met every one of my friends / guild mates in PVE and later in game @ lvl 50 RvR with them for years. Community building or some thing. Anyways, it is what it may some day be.

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    Syndicate - Mordred

    Zinju - Andred/Mordred

  • MC_LaggMasterMC_LaggMaster Faketown, WAMember Posts: 36
    Dashivaah - Merlin
  • PillerranPillerran Delphi, INMember Posts: 3

    Hib/Guinevere - Bard of Granarc -led Vae Victus then Utric-led Resilience

    Mid/Lamorak - Healer and guild leader of Cairde Bracha

  • AdorianBladeAdorianBlade kalamazoo, MIMember Posts: 62

    Aadorian - Alb - Igraine Scout

    Farhnin - Mid - Gareth- Pac Healer

    (EDIT) Guilds first Horde of Death then Guardian Council, which i just found out is still playing together and have reached out to contact them.

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    Aleyna - Cleric- Palomides

    Guild: Le Company Noir

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    Drakonal the Scout - Lancelot - <Rogue Knights> -  Old Frontiers

    Drakonal the Warlock - Kay -

    Drakonal the Champion -Nimue- <Devastation>

    Drakonal the Armsman -Gareth- <PlayerBase>

    Drakonal the Mercenary -Kilibury-

    Drakulaz the Vampiir -Mordred- <Knights of Terror>

    Drakonal of Lancelot/Kay
    Drakulaz of Mordred (classic guild video alb no cloth group)

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    Hib Bedevere


  • GKermichilGKermichil Hibernia, IDMember Posts: 32


    Gailin Kermichil (Mentalist) - Leader of Adurant

    Gustaeveus (Eldritch) - Band of the Broken Bow


    And many others scattered throughout.  Currently in Mid/Uthgard as Jeraond.


  • ZorinnZorinn StockholmMember Posts: 5

    Midgard/Prydwen EU


    Zorin Thane

    Zorinn Shaman

    Pamela Runemaster

    Graceous Healer

    Hyde Shadowblade

    and many others


    Played in guilds:

    Head Hunters

    Eye of Odin

    Warders of the 7th Sigil


    DAoC - Prydwen EU

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    Hib/Tristan  - Krullen -  Hero.   Soluna  then Nu Merriu


    heys other Tristanites,  see anyone you know in this?

    DAOC - Krullen - Hero/Tristan

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    I had a beserker on midgard...percival server, a friend dared me to make a name up that was stupid and go with it...needless to say its stuck with me ever since Main was psycospank. Had another but can for the life of me remember his name might have been Hulk or Hulkmyster... anyway loved playing DAoC.


    I remember now, its terrible when you have played so many games and used a name so many times in different games, anyway alt which became my main was Mir, also used this name in SWG for my wookie creature handler 

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    Originally posted by Kyleran
    My memory is failing me, what I recall. Started DAOC in 2002,  on Morganna La Fey, with a 50 Inf (Zerro?) and a 50 Minstrel (can't remember anymore)  I was with a guild called Hallowed Crusaders among others, but they were the most notable as they carried over into my next server. Then made the move to Mordred and over there I had a number of 50's, including a Shaman, Mid Healer, Kobold Hunter, Gruknak,  and a Necromancer. (Kyleran) Actually was a member of two guilds at the time, Hallowed Crusaders again and the role playing guild known as Shadowclan. I returned to the Classic servers at one point, created a level 50 Vampr and level 49 archer, 49 bard, and 49 bolt caster of some flavor which I kept in the final BG for the duration. (did not enjoy the New Frontiers combat on that server).  Can't recall at all what guilds i was part of, spent most of my time running in a stealth gank group on the archer Add in countless lower level characters on many other servers (/level 30 and /20 promoted a lot of that) and it all adds up to a lot of fond memories over the course of almost 3 years.  

     I remember Zerro from HC on MLF.  I was Cypz - minstrel and Cypress - scout.  I also followed HC to Mordred and WoW...  I don't think they exist anymore... unfortunately.   I look forward to Camelot Unchained.



  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSMember UncommonPosts: 2,608

    Realm: Hib

    Server: Guinevere

    Guild: Blood Oath

    Char Names: Lakeda, Murman, Kerwin


  • LudguallonLudguallon West Bend, WIMember UncommonPosts: 2

    Alb Lancelot

    iudguallon 50 Scout RR 7L6

    iudgualon 50 Cleric RR5



    Ludguallon 50 mini RR5


    Ludgualin 50 Tic RR5







  • wr036wr036 Billerica, MAMember Posts: 24

    Alb / Igraine - Theurgist - Agua - 2001-2002 (Only made it to 44, my first character, basically went full earth for PBT, got many invites to groups and became bored to tears, this was before you could respec)

    Alb / Igraine - Infiltrator - Sethiel - 2002-2005ish

    Mid / Pellinor - Berserker - Ferocious - 2003-2005ish

  • MizzmoMizzmo cabot, ARMember UncommonPosts: 133

    Bors through ToA. Then Garath when that was the thing.

    I went by Stonefiendx and Stonefiend I belive. May have had a character named Whiterain.

    mainly played Midgard.

    I was in a guild for a long time called The Ancients. I wish I could find some of them.

  • KlavInavLegiKlavInavLegi Fremont, OHMember Posts: 2

    Name: Everbaine

    Race/Class: Kobold Shaman

    Server: Kay


    I quit right after ToA launched....oh man I miss OF on this guy, he was the only cave shaman on the server at that time, and when the doors could be targetted and attacked on keeps...I had way too much fun AoE DoTing relic doors during a relic defense...and seeing my name spamming like s***tons with deathblows...oh man those were the days.

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    Count me in
    I created a topic on this as well and cold dog was kind enough to link me to your post

    Alaya AngelSoul
    Domus Caliburn
    House of Excalibur

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    Asalit   -   Minstrel     -      Andred/Mordred


    Omyn  -   Hunter      -       Iseult


    Slor     -    Savage     -      Classic/Gareth



    Those are my main/highest for each server back to pre SI. All above r10.

    Like a million alts. Wtb that personal char list/rank website back haha.



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    or Wiv ____


    tristan and mordred primarily.

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    Originally posted by Edany Edany Revere - Enhance / Rejuv Cleric of Black Company  / Guinevere.  Also was a member of Honored Circle (another great guild with great people). Also played on Pendragon (test server) from day 1 of release as Edany / Cerases until the implementation of character copies. 

    Wow HI Cerases - Braack/Bleyzn here from Legends Guild on Midgard Pendragon. Nice to see you again!

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