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TERA - Whats in the pipeline content wise

emotaemota PLYMOUTHPosts: 410Member Uncommon
Curious as to what future content there will be for Europe and US.

Anybody know?


  • PivotelitePivotelite Hamilton, ONPosts: 2,145Member Uncommon

    KTERA released a large PvP content update turning guilds into factions and putting them in a 3 way war within an large instanced area.


    They have two raids that were released already and I'm not sure if some came with the federation update or not, I know more are planned. Also 20v20 siege battleground is apparently in the works as well.


    But currently for NA/EU expect changes to the nexus soon, some balance tweaks and more cash shop stuff.


    Who knows when we will get this future KTERA content.


  • KumaponKumapon Posts: 896Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by emota
    Curious as to what future content there will be for Europe and US.Anybody know?

    Lots of new Cash shop items coming down the pipe. The most popular one is the Elin Maid costume that gives you a new emote.

    Also the new Troll Mount is very popular in K-Tera (It gives you HP/MP while riding)that should be coming to the west.

    BHS also added collectible pets to the game. Like WOW's pets. Don't know if this is coming to the west, but seen these ones are more like pets in Wow, I think they should be coming.

    Dragon pet

    FlyTrap Pet

    Frog Pet

    Ram Pet

    BHS took Kelsaik and re-did the dungeon. It's now a 10 man and 20 man dungeon. This should be coming to the West soon.

    10 Man Kelsaik

    20 Man Kelsaik

    The Big patch is the Federation patch. The Federation breaks up and is now into a three way Civil War.

    -New WvWvW zones with castle sieges, in those new zones a new ore called Noctenium, that spawns, and everyone is fighting over.

    -You use Noctenium : it's basically an item you could craft that you would use any time you hit/use a skill, and that will improve its effect.It's just like Soul Shots from Lineage 2.

    -Invisibility potions (that you can craft with items you get through quests)

    Hopefully the west will be getting all this new content soon !

  • emotaemota PLYMOUTHPosts: 410Member Uncommon
    Thanks great info!
  • CalerxesCalerxes LondonPosts: 1,633Member Uncommon
    The Federation patch sounds great.

    This doom and gloom thread was brought to you by Chin Up™ the new ultra high caffeine soft drink for gamers who just need that boost of happiness after a long forum session.

  • reploidxreploidx Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 320Member Uncommon
    They still have so much land area to put in as well. I hope the federation patch puts those in, or they are implemented later. The troll mount looks awesome though.
  • KumaponKumapon Posts: 896Member Uncommon

    Here is the new Federation PVP gear.

    Here is what the new areas look like

    This one explains how the new Federation patch works

  • holdenhamletholdenhamlet Posts: 3,612Member Epic

    Nexus has been tweeked so it's actually playable and worth doing now.

    There are new icons for pets in the game but no pets available at the present moment.

    There was just a pretty fun St. Patty's Day event (still going on technically for another couple of hours).

    The next patch from what I gather will implement randomly spawning dragons which will probably drop some pretty cool loot :)

    As for the big stuff mentioned in this thread, that all sounds really amazing.  This game is blessed to have multiple talented teams working on it, and the resources to licesne quality tools to work with.

  • PivotelitePivotelite Hamilton, ONPosts: 2,145Member Uncommon



    More in-depth look at what the alliance patch brings with it.


  • KumaponKumapon Posts: 896Member Uncommon

    Had to post this cute Elin dance

  • mochipixelsmochipixels Seattle, WAPosts: 145Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kumapon
    Had to post this cute Elin dance  

    Now you're just being evil!!  :P

  • BoldynBoldyn PartillePosts: 265Member
    Mob-packs of either 1 large and 8 small ones, or 2 elks.
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