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TERA Oceanic Community Fan Site

HestiaHestia BadungPosts: 119Member

Welcome to TERA Oceanic


This community website is mainly dedicated to the players in the Oceanic region of TERA (En Masse Entertainment), though you can still join if you are from a different area. At the moment EME does not provide a dedicated Oceanic server and all of their servers are currently located in Chicago USA. The Oceanic players of TERA are here to come together and build up the community.
The site has existed since the game entered its closed beta phase. The community looks forward in meeting various people! Trolls are very most unwelcome here.

Website Etiquette/Rules

Should you not follow these rules, may result in a temporary or even a permanent ban. Threads could also get locked and even deleted.

What is allowed

* Fun.
* A happy/positive environment.
* Humor.
* English language. Any other languages will be removed. We want to understand each other and you cant be moderated if you speak a foreign language.
* Constructive criticism.

What is not allowed

* Trolls.
* Seeing this site as a dating service.
* Flaming/bashing others.
* RMT/Botting/Cheating discussions.
* Racism and sexual harassment.
* Bumping threads without any relevant reason/topic.
* Duplicate posts/spam.
* Religious and political discussion. The TERA political system is of course okay.
* Nudity and profanity.


  • PivotelitePivotelite Hamilton, ONPosts: 2,145Member Uncommon
    Goodluck on getting the site up and active again, I suggest advertising on the official TERA forums and facebook page as well, you'll get many more people than you will here.


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