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Not sure if this issue is hardware or software issue

ZandilZandil templestowePosts: 252Member Uncommon

Hi guys just looking for some help on this issue I'm having in SWTOR.


was playing the game fine on my old laptop with a GTX 485m. Updated laptop and new rig is running crossfire 7970's 

Love the PC got every game running like magic except SWTOR, I can get the game to run perfect except when I first log in get what looks to be A really low FPS issue yet the game is showing 60+ FPS.  To fix this i just alt tab to desktop then back it it runs fine untill I go through a loading screen then have to do the alt tab again.


While it's a easy fix just wondering if this is the crossfire setup or drivers doing this or a game issue ?

I'm running latest beta CCC and have all the up to date profiles loaded for CCC. 



  • CleffyCleffy San Diego, CAPosts: 5,403Member Rare
    Hardware issues would happen with all games.  Since it only happens on SWTOR, my guess would lean heavily towards an issue with the game with that setup.
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