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Ranged attack totem supp gem

BombzawayBombzaway operaPosts: 78Member Uncommon

Hey has anyone had any problems with the ranged attack suport asking because i found one the other day and combined it with ice shot LMP and Fork and it seemed to be AWESOME untill about the thrid time that dropped it...whole client forze and i died to a room full of baddies. Anyone else had client problems with ranged attack totem?


  • crimsion2501crimsion2501 melbournePosts: 7Member Uncommon
    sorry can't say that i've ever had a problem like that with ranged totem did it happen just the one time or is it everytime u try and use it?
  • BombzawayBombzaway operaPosts: 78Member Uncommon

    i was only able to use it about 5 times dint notice anything before. But the client freezing coincided eprfectly with the attack animations of the totem.

  • sibs4455sibs4455 manchesterPosts: 363Member Uncommon

    When you enter a new area sometimes it is best to deploy your totem or some minions straight away, that will fix the freeze from casting em.


    Sorry that you rip-ed, goodluck with the rebuild.

  • BombzawayBombzaway operaPosts: 78Member Uncommon

    thanks, that ranged attack totem supp gem was so super sweet though!

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