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What class in Daoc you like most and why?

wackypogiwackypogi las pinasPosts: 13Member Uncommon
What class in Daoc you like most and why?




  • tokeshtokesh Vancouver, BCPosts: 35Member
    half elf monk
  • Plastic-MetalPlastic-Metal Highland Heights, KYPosts: 405Member

    My all time favorite class was the Minstrel, despite being a born again Midgardian.  

    In order to be an effective minstrel, it meant being able to juggle multiple instruments, incorporate /target your pet and renewing the charm spell, as well as being able to maintain optimal damage and interrupts while in combat.  There's never been another class in any game that has encompassed all the features with complexity versus reward.

    I really, really hope a minstrel style class is available in Camelot Unchained.

    My name is Plastic-Metal and my name is an oxymoron.


  • CyclopsSlayerCyclopsSlayer Minneapolis, MNPosts: 532Member Uncommon


    Not the most powerful, but for me the most fun. Songs to rip stealthers into the open. Attack chains the led to many variable paths. Used to love wreaking havoc in Darkness Falls with him.

  • QallidexzQallidexz Austin, TXPosts: 253Member
    Originally posted by wackypogi
    What class in Daoc you like most and why?


    *Prepares to have rocks thrown at him*

    I would say my Vampiir... don't shoot me. Yes, I know I was an OP son of a bitch, but guess what? The Vampiir was a fun-ass class... And I even resisted playing it at first, because it was FoTM, but I ended up falling in love with it.


    Light, leather armor, and rogue weapons, and the same combat, but with awesome spells in the off-hand. Between the Endo Drains, HoT, and damange giving me Power, I was like an infinite rechargable battery that never needed a rest. I could also do pwnzer Dmg with my DD, and stop the smart people from running away with my snare spell. Not to mention some nice little stealth-detection to boot. Stealthers knew that if I hit them, it was game over. No where to run, no where to hide. The Vampiir put Bonedancers to shame. lol

  • VladamyreVladamyre South Shore, KYPosts: 225Member Uncommon
    My Celt Spear Hero, all those healers wearing chain, was so wonderful hitting RR8 back before NF and TOA killed the game. Was able to 2 and 3 shot most healers.

    In a world of sharp knives, you would be a spoon.

  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Niagara Falls, NYPosts: 3,694Member Uncommon

    I always thought the Mentalist was such a cool class. Especially after they allowed you to charm more than just humanoids.

    Also, DAOC Druid is the only healer I ever really played, though I'll admit I specced mostly for the pet and heals were secondary though it was enough.

    Valewalker was the epic Battle Mage of my dreams. And Theuragist?! Hell yes!

       I'm not a big PvP/RvR guy but DAOC did have the coolest classes of any MMO in my opinion.

  • mysticmousemysticmouse LOVELAND, COPosts: 117Member Uncommon

    Top for me would be my ment, followed by blade ranger then champ, the valewalker for hib, hunter then shammy for mid,friar for alb.

    My wife liked her Bard and her enchanter thr best

  • VyntVynt Posts: 690Member Uncommon

    Loved my Spiritmaster. Probably my favorite class all time of any mmo. I just love lifetaps, especially when it is the main type of damage. Had fun with sorcerer for albs, and hibs hmm valewalker was fun and really liked my warden.

    I liked most of the classes, lol. Th list of what I didn't  like is much smaller. Never played animist much, didn't like necro, and hunter was my least favorite of the archers.

    Oh, and it wasn't my main, but Valk was fun to play because it was just WAY OPed, lol. Kind of nice to feel unstoppable every now and then.

  • eindinblocheindinbloch Dallas, TXPosts: 60Member

    In mid, I played a savage and bonedancer.  In alb, I played a minstrel, theurgist, necro, friar, and reaver among others.  I played least in hib.  I liked the druid and animist classes.  I liked the vampiir class too, but couldn't play him for too long.  My very first class to play was a pre-SI cabalist.  Crazy fun, but I quickly moved to other classes in alb and mid.


    All in all, DAOC hands down has the coolest classes of any game I've played.  I can't think of any game with as unique and interesting classes.  I can really play any of the DAOC classes and have fun, especially in RvR.


    I've always loved pet classes in games, but no game can hold up to the awesome pet classes of DAOC.  Bonedancer, necro, and theurgist are just plain awesome.


    I really hope they continue with the tradition of unique and interesting classes in Camelot Unchained.

  • povilezazpovilezaz palangaPosts: 25Member Uncommon
    Hunter with my loyal wolf for stealth becouse I could kill small grps solo :) . For groups I would choose healer I like healing classes in all games and aug + mend healer in daoc can do miracles in meele grps .
  • falcukfalcuk ashfordPosts: 42Member Uncommon
    Ranger cos i loved being cack and the underdog :)
  • WellzyCWellzyC Stillwater, MNPosts: 588Member Uncommon

    Nightshade !!!


    Stealther with magic!!  (yeah i know the magic sucked, but i still liked having it)


    RvR had two universes, visible rvr and stealth rvr, was awesome..

    The way mmo's were: Community, Exploration, Character Development, Conquest.

    The way mmo's are now : Cut-Scenes,Cut-Scenes, solo Questing, Cut-Scenes...

  • gwei1984gwei1984 ViennaPosts: 409Member Uncommon

    Reaver and Valewalker were my absolute favorites.


    The reaver was a nice solo character for hunting stealthers and small groups with tons of possibilities. And for the valewalker, yeah, theres nothing better than a walking tree with an enormous scythe ;)


  • meddyckmeddyck USAPosts: 1,198Member Uncommon
    I guess it would be my light eldritch. I like being a hard to see little lurikeen. I like the spell graphics and animations. I like stunning somebody and nuking him down (please don't put that combo in CU though). I like the other spells: nearsight, AE mezz, debuffs. It's just a well designed and overpowered class. Make something like it in CU without the stun and I'd be thrilled.

    Camelot Unchained Backer
    DAOC [retired]: R11 Cleric R11 Druid R11 Minstrel R9 Eldritch R6 Sorc R6 Scout R5 Healer

  • dynamicipftwdynamicipftw Arrow, ALPosts: 206Member Uncommon

    The minstrel because it was a soloer, a stealther, and a group char. All 3 in 1 class. Also: max speed, flute mezz (love it), SoS, charming purple mobs, leveling up by being afk with powersong on, scouting far behind enemy lines etc. (I have about 5-6 level 50 minstrels across all servers - not even joking)

    The sorc because getting off a perfect mezz feels amazing.

  • wackypogiwackypogi las pinasPosts: 13Member Uncommon
    For me 1st is Bonedancer because of 4 summons and 2nd Necromancer because u cant kill necro until pet dies.


  • HeartsparkHeartspark Southland, MOPosts: 69Member
    Animist.  So much utility for once class.  he could be a solo pvp god, or pve god no matter what.     Nothing quite like seeing a million shrooms bouncing around when a keep door falls and seeing the deathspam in window. :D  

    Heartspark: Animist rr12, bors, Lone Enforcer, Retired

    Dranzerk: Berzerker (kay) retired
    Dhei: Spiritmaster (Kay) retired
    Goblinking : Hunter (Kay) retired
    Moongoose: Shadowblade (Kay) retired

  • KerozenKerozen Montreal, QCPosts: 8Member

    UO, DAoC, WoW, the holy trinity

  • SeitrSeitr Saint Cloud, FLPosts: 50Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by tokesh

    half elf monk



    Dark SM was by far the funnest for me. Lifetap FTW!
  • BowbowDAoCBowbowDAoC Granby, QCPosts: 470Member Uncommon

    Kobold Hunter !

    yeah i know, it was said to be the gimpiest of all classes on all 3 realms... But i just loved that class, it suited me perfectly.

    - Could solo in PvE effectively enough to be fun, and mine was good enough to be accepted in groups.

    - Could go out in RvR and scout our frontier, with 2 things ; stealth and my adorable pet :)

    - Spear ftw !

    - Self reliable as far as fun factor is concerned, but so useful to the alliance to report activities.

    - protect low level players in our frontiers while they were out there XPing (ok, protecting is a big word, i could only protect their dead bodies when they were killed by other stealthers)




    Best gaming time EVER.



    Bowbow (kob hunter) Infecto (kob cave shammy) and Thurka (troll warrior) on Merlin/Midgard DAoC
    Thurka on WAR


  • MithrandolirMithrandolir The Deep Woods, NJPosts: 1,701Member Uncommon

    I played a Kobold Shaman, yeah... I actually played him and did not park him at the gate as a buffbot.

    I LOVED the shaman class in DAoC. I loved Midgard. I loved RvR. 

  • OutisOutis Birchwood, TNPosts: 105Member Uncommon

    Loved my Minstrel, best toon I have ever played with PvP and PvE game play. He was neither the strongest nor the weakest. This character would always make any fight more interesting.  

    Next would be my infi, I had my share of kills but was killed a lot as well. People stated stealth does not need to be in the game but as a stealther I recall casters/reavers PBAE/Pulse dmg everywhere in the Frontier or BGs just to make a stealther pop for an easy kill. People forget that the stealth argue is two sided.

    Last it my Scout, damn I love the longbow, different dmg types for arrows, and stealth for counter intel. Only thing I did not like about the scout was it you spec’d full bow and enough stealth for RvR you could not have good melee. Since archer was interrupted if you were in melee range this really made it difficult to play a character the way I wanted it to work. None the less the Scout was GREAT keep defense.

  • NadiaNadia Topsham, MainePosts: 11,866Member Uncommon
    hunter - spear and pet combo was fun
  • Outkast22Outkast22 Rosenhayn, NJPosts: 51Member
    Skald was probably the most fun I've ever had in any mmo. Loved the abilities and they could pump out some nice dmg.
  • TuktzTuktz Atlanta, GAPosts: 299Member


    I've always liked casters, and (especially before CC nerfs) he could crowd control insanely well and nuke pretty well too. I switched him from full mind / some body to full body / some mind, and had a bunch more fun. His nukes hit harder, plus he could debuff 50% cold/heat resists to help fellow casters. still had mage speed. Also he could stil 1850 range aoe mez (just not as long), but he gained a sweet aoe root that saved many a people from assist trains of melee. Man they hated getting aoe rooted LOL.

    WHen I wasn't the first one dead, I could wreak some serious havok. =)



    Loved the caster / melee hybrid. I finished many a people off that tried to run with that lifetap nuke haha. At least it gave me somethign to do when rooted. =) Plus in pve I could just pull forever! Besides, who wouldn't love a scythe? I was like green grim reaper! LOL



    Loved my troll skald. Who wouldn't love a giant behemoth running at a million miles an hour? LOL loved the group chats, and big two handed weapons. I felt so menacing!


    I have no clue what classes will be in TESO, but I hope there's a caster type that uses lightning. For some reason I've wanted to play that for a while. Tired of the standard fire/ice in all mmos.



    Tuktz -

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