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74 Double EK Totem, Double Curse Witch STREAM.

ProtoSoriProtoSori wichita, KSPosts: 6Member

Come hang out guys, streaming is the best way I have found to make good quality friends. People watch my stream like me and my friends sense of humor / playstyle etc. and then WE start playing together. And the world goes round.


On a side note, streaming this character was started purely for educational purposes geared towards a newer player audience. We love giving tips and helping out new players in this game that we love playing. So even if you are new, don't be shy, stop by! LOL


  • sibs4455sibs4455 manchesterPosts: 363Member Uncommon
    hc or sc stream?
  • ProtoSoriProtoSori wichita, KSPosts: 6Member
    SC Stream, I don't believe the game client is stable enough for me to throw the reigns in and roll a HC at this time. Once the bugs and desyncs are fixed, I will be racing and HC streaming. For now, it's mainly a stream to help new players, where I answer all questions, give tips, and show people a fun and very viable build. Although this build is very doable in HC with a few hp node tweaks, I play it more casual and reckless in SC.
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