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ArcheAge – Farming feature gets offline monitoring system

junyojunyo sydneyPosts: 26Member


XLGAMES today announced the activation of its offline farming feature, in which players can still monitor their farms through various other channels without connecting to the game server. These 2 alternate methods include the web browser and mobile devices (via the ArcheAge app).

Unfortunately, this will only allow players to really just “monitor” the various live stats of their farms, such as time crops can be harvest or if livestock needs to be fed. There are no options to really connect to the game server and implement actions.


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  • Recon48Recon48 QC, IAPosts: 221Member Uncommon
    Sounds cool.  Hopefully its a step toward more offline or remote capabilities.
  • KarteliKarteli Providence, PAPosts: 2,646Member

    I wonder if that is just the framework for something bigger.


    Since they have implemented a working Casino, offline gambling for instance might go well with offline farming.  Depending on the complexity of the casino games, it could be a nice mini-game app to mimic what can also be done in-game.


    They might charge extra for offline activities though, like Blizzard.  Which would be a shame, for the sake of mass-appeal.

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